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hashtag hourlycomicday

February 1st, in some ways, is the true new year. Not for businesses and accountants of course; their new year has now lagged so far we won't see it until April 1st. But in this ever denser, more productive, more intensely filled-in world, even the average individual isn't getting everything done by the end of the year. Take last night's yoga, for example (featured in the comic, if you want to see the position that made me go *ping). It was teeming with people. I'd expected that of the first yoga of the year. But maybe actually, it's this week sees the resolutions cracking in - the changes that people want to keep. I wasn't thinking that straight when I started on #hourlycomicday (it was 6.30am, for starters...



The first strip of the day always presents a conundrum called clothes, lack of; this year I opted for duvet discretion.


It definitely helped that my day had a major story happening in it. Want to help cement Oxford's romantic credentials? Go vote for me!!! If you agree my entry is a winner, of course.


For my 8.30am I sadly had to cut a small flock of sparrows. They feed down at the corner of my road, where there are lots of bushes and gravel drives, and it always cheers me up when I see them, especially at the house with the snowdrops outside (also sadly cut from the finished strip).


Drink along with me! The tea is this Herbal Chai, and this is the sword-shaped tea diffuser.


These were scattered across my instagram, twitter and Facebook, to avoid swamping any one channel. By this stage I'm posting two hours late. Not too bad.


Blueberries and olives. You have to try it. Probably only once.


Shop along with me! Here's the Smart Cat Phoneholder, and here's the USB hub.


It's a busy day at work, but you don't need to know any details.


The three-way set up on my desk is an ipad, a desktop and a laptop. Greedy, yes, I know.


The comment about a steamy finish in the Oxford Botanic Garden occasions comment.


I looked for an orange highlighter, but couldn't find one on my spartan hotdesk :(


Spot the raindrops! Name the yoga positions! I've caught up a bit here - just an hour late.


I draw a comic about drawing a comic! My first (and only) of the day.


Proper picture of Harlequin Cat in her favourite position, between me and the computer.


There was a mini kitchen rant. I cut it from the strip.


... aaaaaand relax.


Discover along with me! Laurisilva Forest of Madeira - Black Scabbard Fish.


and finally, a typical Oxford end to the evening. We used to worry about leaving the dehumidifier on overnight. Nowadays, I worry about damp more.

... and in summary, I have a little pain, in my shoulder. I could blame it on falling over last week, or the death-grip of the mousehand, or injudicious dolphins during yoga. But actually...

I know that feeling.


( 6 worms — Feed the birds )
3rd Feb, 2016 08:11 (UTC)
Well done, absolutely epic result.
3rd Feb, 2016 20:25 (UTC)
Ehh, I look at other people's polished strips (inclouding yours) and wonder if I don't miss the point a bit, but at least it's honest about the time I had available.....
4th Feb, 2016 09:10 (UTC)
Ha, well such is my ingrained sense of insecurity that I just look at yours and castigate myself for not having the looseness. I'm sure there's a lesson there somewhere.
3rd Feb, 2016 12:06 (UTC)
Macho yoga... is there any other kind?
3rd Feb, 2016 20:26 (UTC)
we're supposed to be very gentle and not push it
There's Hot Yoga... I think jinty did that for a bit. Then there's half-hearted yoga off the internet...
20th Feb, 2016 16:26 (UTC)
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