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bad band names

Two Oxford Bands are in Mark and Lard's worst band name ever poll. The Rock of Travolta are pimping for votes, as a win means playtime ... though considering the competition, they'll be lucky.


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21st Jan, 2003 14:46 (UTC)

A certain General_Jinjur blew through town and told me that you were one of her favorite journalites.

I might start reading you, by your leave. Please don't feel compelled to read me back.

22nd Jan, 2003 08:23 (UTC)
oh, I added you back ...
how could I resist?

"I made a pledge to blackcustard that every time I felt compelled to post a quiz, I would write about sex instead."

Nice to read you :)
22nd Jan, 2003 08:30 (UTC)
Re: oh, I added you back ...

Met Jinjur the other day, incidentally. She and Matt are actually (if you can believe it) even more fun in person.
22nd Jan, 2003 08:40 (UTC)
Re: oh, I added you back ...
No! Surely not possible :)
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