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wallet mothsTonight I went to see The Blue Angel (scores high on glamour, medium on cartoons, low on moral intention) and Donnie Darko (made more sense the second time), last night I did a session with some young web designers, watched Spider (scores high on period detail, medium on acting, low on unusual orifices), and went down the pub, and the night before that I went down the pub, and inbetween all that I did this week's strip which I can't decide whether is completely generic or very personal. The messages on my t-shirt read, "inept" "troubled" "..."

Der Blaue Engel (1936 Marlene Dietrich film) tells the story of a conservative teacher who gets seduced by notorious showgirl Lola Lola, and perhaps because a lot of the cabaret scenes, costumes, and even some of the scenes in The Blue Angel recalled the ones in Cabaret I fetched up thinking about the (suprisingly well mined) teacher-falls-for-showgirl genre. In Blue Angel, it ruins the schoolteacher's life -- he ends up a broken man, reduced to playing the fall guy in a crappy magic show (though as it was Marlene doing the breaking, some might argue that he still got a pretty good deal), and in Cabaret, the teacher or the showgirl both fetch up with fairly ruined lives -- though you could argue that they were ruined already. In When Night Is Falling (1995 Patrice Rozema highbrow lesbian romance), a university lecturer falls for the circus trapeze artist, and it doesn't ruin anyone's life, far from it -- the lecturer just packs in her old life and cheerfully hits the road with the circus. What I'm missing here is the film where it's the showgirl's life that is ruined -- where she fetches up an unhappy, lonely wife who can never talk to her partner's posh friends about what she used to do, or alternatively gets cast aside because they can't face the shame of being involved with her. Any ideas?


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24th Jan, 2003 02:48 (UTC)
I like your curly eyebrows. Are they curly in real life?
24th Jan, 2003 04:20 (UTC)
more pointy than curly, I'm afraid ...
In real life I look like this: http://uk.geocities.com/cleanskies/superpowers/cover.htm

Give or take.
24th Jan, 2003 06:47 (UTC)
Re: more pointy than curly, I'm afraid ...
Yes, curly wasn't really the right word to choose. Pointy is good. Perhaps I meant flourishing. Or curvy or something. Did you get my package?
24th Jan, 2003 07:14 (UTC)
Re: more pointy than curly, I'm afraid ...
Yes, I did. It was fab. Thanks loads. Um, did't I send you an email with a load of addresses to send some to?

Errr, sod pointy or curly, I think absent minded covers it more ... *will* mail later, promise ;)
24th Jan, 2003 07:29 (UTC)
Re: more pointy than curly, I'm afraid ...
I haven't seen the email yet. Perhaps it's lost in our server somewhere. And sorry - I wasn't being reprimanding or anything, I just don't know how much to trust the British postal service yet. And they might have somehow found out that I've been drawing rude naked pictures of the queen.
24th Jan, 2003 03:43 (UTC)
Mrs Citizen Kane
Just off the top of my head...Can't remember the character's name, but she's a showbiz wannabe who gets involved with tycoon Charles Foster Kane (based on Miriam Hopkins & Randolph Hearst-) He tries to ostentatiously launch her in an operatic career, she flops, the relationship disintegrates, and she ends up singing in low dives, boozing, and reminiscing bitterly. (Jeez, I do need to get out more...)
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