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spam and space dogs

Among the usual slew of loan offers and penis enlargement, I got spam this morning for professional steak knife liquidation. Who knew that enough people needed their steak knives liquidated, that you could do it professionally (or do they provide a liquidation service using steak knives? Ouch!)

This band is playing next Wednesday at the Zodiac: http://www.laika.org/ and there is nothing on the Zodiac website about them. But their own website (don't leave it till you've found the gallery of stamps featuring famous space-dog Laika!) has some reviews. "Classy head-nodding stuff" apparently. Ideal for Oxford then. Anyone up for it?


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24th Jan, 2003 08:00 (UTC)
I am, if you come to Baraka with us. =)
27th Jan, 2003 08:26 (UTC)
sure thing
watch out for me (in astral form only, I'm afraid) ;)
24th Jan, 2003 08:08 (UTC)
I recommend Laika, though I haven't seen them. Their leader Magaret Fiedler was a founder member of Moonshake & as such is one of charleston's guitar heroes. Laika's music is interesting, too.
27th Jan, 2003 05:54 (UTC)
I also recommend Laika, and I'll try to get along to see them on Wednesday. I'll also try and remember to bring one of their albums to the pub on Tuesday.

They were the only interesting thing I found on mubu.com while it was operating.

By the way - how many of the bands on Mark & Lard's "worst band name ever" had people seen live? I could only manage 4.

- Adrian
27th Jan, 2003 08:30 (UTC)
voting is closed and so I will never know. Laika seem like a good idea, though, so I shall go.
29th Jan, 2003 13:36 (UTC)
Re: bah!
So, what was the official worst band name? & runners up?
24th Jan, 2003 08:17 (UTC)
The Steak Knife Liquidators reminded me of the Innovations-style catalogue we got through the door the other day. Nothing truly astounding in this one (though the little toe supports were somewhat bizarre), but one I saw about ten years ago had a "Terracotta Outdoor Information Centre" in it.

What is a Terracotta Outdoor Information Centre, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. A Terracotta Outdoor Information Centre is a sundial with a barometer on it.
24th Jan, 2003 09:01 (UTC)
Ooo! Baraka good!
Me I have! Will need to find another copy to give to folks...

In any event, if you spent much time in Calgary, you'd have noticed a whole host of liquidiation services...

want insanely cheap meat, go to 'Meat Liquidators'

want madly inexpensive furniture, go to 'Furniture Liquidators'

need bargain basement car customisation features? You get the idea.


25th Jan, 2003 03:48 (UTC)
Ooh, I might well. I remember seeing them once I think. Well, I say remember -- more like I think I've probably seen them, and somehow they are associated with Pram in my mind. Anyway I obviously should find out more.
25th Jan, 2003 06:09 (UTC)
I got that spam too. Twice.
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