Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

the final playlist of 2018 - I regret my regrets

So, a sweet and farewell to 2018 and here's my last on-the-go-comp of the year. You have, I am sorry, a quantity of substitutions in December's playlist. But there are also some must-watches (including one of the subs) so that's OK. First up, bloody hell Fader (Benge's new project) just one track available to UK audiences? So I'm starting you on the wrong foot. You should be listening to A Trip to the Coast. Instead you have first light, which is still good, however. Hannah Peel, similarly won't let anyone in the UK watch Nailhouse II on Youtube. You have Harbour, which at least puts the sea back into the playlist. Lizzo isn't going to let anyone see Go in the UK - but my substitute (Humanize) is one of the three must-watch videos on the playlist (the others are Los Ageless by St Vincent and Nancy Drew by Sløtface). I'll also grumble at Autobahn, but only mildly as to be honest there's not a lot of difference between Vessel and Society. The mix ends with not one, but two torchsongs, because it's Christmas/the New Year, let's push the boat out. One is a second track by St Vincent, and she's playing it live, wearing latex arm warmers and playing a neon yellow guitar. The other has some crazy dance moves!

The title of the playlist may be based on the "I regret nothing but my regrets" quote by oh who honstly knows, but takes a different position, morally. I may regret many things - but I certainly regret my regrets.

In officially annoying news, he last itunes update broke burning playlists to discs. I don't know, I'm not sure why I'm carrying on doing it to be honest. It's a hack that makes me create a visually interesting artefact every month, but it seems a bit wasteful. Maybe 2017 should be my last.

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