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A scheme to install blue lights in city centre public toilets to prevent drug addicts finding their veins has been described as "horrendous" by a city councillor.


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27th Jan, 2003 11:41 (UTC)
Didn't realise there was a British Toilet Association!... Whole proposal
is pretty macabre, actually. Worse than lying all OD'd and defunct in a public toilet would be lying thus under deeply unflattering blue light!
27th Jan, 2003 12:00 (UTC)
Let me get this straight...
Blue veins, hence blue light will make it difficult to find the vein?

Do they not think any steps ahead?

See, if I was an addict in need of a fix, and found me a nice secluded toilet to shoot up in, and was greeted with the challenge of finding my bloody vein, I'd be pretty pissed off. If I then couldn't get my fix, I'd probably destroy something ... starting with that bloody blue light! ;-p

Ah well. It seems my neighbourhood homeless encampment has been reclaimed by the heroin addicts since I'm seeing needles here and there. I should phone the police.
27th Jan, 2003 12:40 (UTC)
You'd think city councillors could find somewhere else to shoot up. Let 'em use the backs of their chauffeur-driven cars. That's what chauffeurs are for, right? Drugs and sex in the back seat.
27th Jan, 2003 16:26 (UTC)
They will have to join the other adicts...
... clustered smoking outside the front of offices throughout the city.
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