Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

July on-the-go: into the Jum Jem Gym

2018 is my year of digitising everything; no skips, no excuses. There are twelve shelves on the CD rack, and I'm going through them all. June brought O and the Oxfordbands compilations; July R, and the dubious delights of a folkttronica trio called Robot Swans. Opera, modern classical, punt-based hip-hop, this is the year of listening to it all. This summer also saw the arrivale of the machacha delights of going to the gym; spinning, rowing, chasing pulse rates, spin counts and static miles and metres. It reminded me a lot of playing pokemon, except I was both trainer and monster. There also seemed to be a sinister aspect to the gym; dysfunctional exercisers, the heavy smell of ketones and sour breath, the glances and cross-twitches of comparison, status, attraction, repulsion. So I imagined a trainer gym full of japanese scroll-painting horrors, and it seemed to fit the music.


We have fewer substitutions again this time, as I suffered a benign algorhythmic burp that alsmost seemed to generate the tracks I wanted (literally in the case of Revlon's Muscles I think!) however, you don't have quite the right boywithatoy track, the Nailbomb Cults track is a different (although just as good) slice of speed metal and I had to sub in one of the Robot Swans tracks - but not the closer, thankfully, which may be the ultimate platonic perfect folktronica plaint. I also couldn't find anything by Flooded Hallways - search ghosts suggested some deletion had occurred - but Deeq had a couple of tracks up including the Nemrot one I've included here, so that's covered. Deeq's video's a nice slice of normcore, and the Presets one is kind of dizzying, other than that you can leave it playing in the background unless you fancy dropping in for Pulp, which is accompanied by a film-studenty noirish fan video about escalators and shoplifting sunglasses.


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