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and another thing ...

Track 1Well, the thing that was "not exactly erotic, more bitterly romantic" is inked now and sent off (see it here) but I got back a bounce on all those scans I sent off in last night's mail, buggery blast it. BAPA is mailed off. The washing machine repair man is coming tomorrow. And it got much warmer at work after I found the fan heater. Bed now.


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30th Jan, 2003 20:14 (UTC)
A work of true beauty Ms D. Spectacular!
31st Jan, 2003 02:25 (UTC)
thank you
30th Jan, 2003 21:34 (UTC)
Nice, but...
Like you said, less erotic, more bitterly romantic. Needs more gravity-defying busts in chain leather with phallic symbols abundant. Uhh...okay, that's not terribly erotic either. :-)

30th Jan, 2003 21:37 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
Thinking on it, it's really really hard to convey the truly erotic in a comic medium...

I mean, if static art is the method, then photo-grade detail of a bead of moisture on flesh/suggestive fruit/seashell is ideal. But to then convey motion inherent to comics...damn! I don't envy that task!

Sultry space chicks with ray guns I think ... or your average TSR coverart is your best bet. ;-p

31st Jan, 2003 01:57 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
Thinking on it, it's really really hard to convey the truly erotic in a comic medium...
eroticism or pr0n?
* The latter is quite easy to do effectively in comics -- see works of F Solano Lopez, various manga, etc. (Or perhaps I should say as easy to do effectively as in prose -- ie some people do it terribly, but that's not necessarily to do with the medium.)
* For the former, see Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.

What do you mean by 'But to then convey motion inherent to comics...'?
31st Jan, 2003 02:17 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
... not sure I'd describe it as "quite easy" as such ...

motion, hmmm. perhaps the issue is that porn involves (often vigorous!) motion while erotica tends to be static (or at any rate moving a lot more slowly) ... one of the major issues with this one was making what was actually quite fast (and told in just one page) feel nicely slow

actually, I think that

the major issue with erotica is that exactly what people want varies so much that the chances of your hitting the spot is absurdly minimal
31st Jan, 2003 02:55 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
the major issue with erotica is that exactly what people want varies so much that the chances of your hitting the spot is absurdly minimal

Um. There must be some linguistic term for this kind of thing which I can't quite think of but isn't quite irony.
31st Jan, 2003 03:17 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
For 'quite easy' read 'not made difficult by any intrinsic qualities of the medium'.

Manga in particular is very good at depicting often vertiginously rapid motion.
31st Jan, 2003 04:44 (UTC)
manga timing ideally suited to porn
long beautiful shot, nothing happens ... face! face! pose! shout! face! face! shout! shout! action! action! action! ACTIOOOOON! (often over several pages) ... long beautiful shot, nothing happens.

Oh yeah, baby.

31st Jan, 2003 06:59 (UTC)
Re: manga timing ideally suited to porn
31st Jan, 2003 08:15 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
Interesting thread that's followed, but I actually 'motion' in the sense of the passage of the story. A single frame can only hint at a greater story, even if it is incredibly detailed ... but multiple frames add 'movement' with new landscapes, characters, plot twists, etc.

Then, as Cleanskies was talking about, erotica does tend to have a slower pace ... well, 'good' erotica anyway. ;-)

And yes, I meant the latter. I should start by saying my concept of erotica is a little strange...oddly I think it doesn't have *that* much to do with sex per se ... it's more about physicality and sensuality I think...the best evoke primal emotions out of the viewer: desire, hunger, thirst, smell memories... So, a picture of steam rising off of a freshly-baked fruit pie is tangibly more erotic than a picture of genitalia I think. Granted, it would be properly 'erotic' if said pie was in the hands of (or on) an eroticised female. :-)

then again, I think my concepts are far too molded by photography. Literary erotica, well, I haven't enough exposure to properly comment.
31st Jan, 2003 08:17 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
Cheers Jinty for the suggested titles btw ... I've really only skimmed the periphery of Moore's work.
31st Jan, 2003 02:09 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
you watch too much manga ;D

(surely! not possible!)
31st Jan, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
Re: Nice, but...
Almost assuredly, but no otaku I ... yet.

31st Jan, 2003 00:04 (UTC)
erotic or romantic...
...but what caught my attention was the cool panel organisation which makes you read down vertically instead of the usual way, which gives it a rather exotic overall look. Nice.
31st Jan, 2003 02:20 (UTC)
Re: erotic or romantic...
I'm very glad they worked ... I was worried they'd break up the story too much, or you'd be tempted to scan across anyway

I got the idea from a japanese roll painting which showed the same action at several different stages

moving down the page
31st Jan, 2003 02:49 (UTC)
Re: erotic or romantic...
Actually, I was going to say it looked stylistically Japanese, but I'm a bit ignorant about such things and didn't like to get it wrong, so I said exotic instead. The point being, what was interesting that is, is it made it seem very natural to me to read down the page, which I'm not in the habit of doing, so I think you pulled it off very successfully.

I should spend more time thinking about panels and layouts. In fact I think I do think about it more since I did a very basic beginners' graphic design community ed course early last year. It hasn't quite made its way into my drawing yet though.
31st Jan, 2003 08:21 (UTC)
Good point!
Good point ... really good eye-channeling, to match the vertically drawn characters.

Okay, I'll say that this strip definitely has proper erotic styling, but that content is more bitterly romantic. ;-)

31st Jan, 2003 01:26 (UTC)
The vertical columns do make a nice change. I really get off on the grey wash you've been using for recent WS's.
31st Jan, 2003 02:23 (UTC)
Re: Ohh,Pretty...
before I greyscaled it, the wash was soft slate blue, because I use a blue-black ink ... surprisingly so, maybe the more absorbant paper brought out the colour

I mixed it in half a kinder egg capsule, all I had to hand

and I thought the room was tidy
2nd Feb, 2003 12:48 (UTC)
Well The Doctor thinks it's beautiful!
3rd Feb, 2003 01:54 (UTC)
Dr Who?
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