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spring is sprunging/odd pieces

This morning as I walked through Bonn Square on my way to work, a fat pigeon holding a twig tottered out of the only bit of green remaining there (a twist of brambles and weeds), unsteadily took off and flew over to their nesting place under the eaves of the Westgate Centre pergola.

I decided not to join a gym, and instead spend money on beer, compounded my error by drinking deep and dark two nights out of a weekend of three, and in my defence can only say; some of us were not born to be fit.

More people should see what marstokyo has been doing to bad little pigs.

Those who like Damian or Cassie should visit toycamera, those who like butterflies and christmas lights might prefer sky_fits_heaven.

On the way home on the bus I fetched up sat opposite my muse and finished the script for Track 2 (following on from last week's strip -- it's a four-track EP with a working title I hate), bless his blue eyes. Well, I upgraded him to muse after that, anyway; previously he'd just been a guy whose hair I liked (good highlights).


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4th Feb, 2003 04:27 (UTC)
You already ride a bicycle don't you? I've decided not to join a gym here because they're horrendously overpriced. When I find somewhere proper to live I'm going to buy a bar and weight and maybe a bench and I'm going to pump iron and get muscled up. In the meantime I walk half an hour each way to work and back, and try to do a longer walk some time during the weekend. And I'd like to to some proper hiking once the seasons make that kind of thing more appropriate and once I find some other people who want to hike too.

I've tried drinking but I can't seem to keep my attention on it for some reaosn.
5th Feb, 2003 16:46 (UTC)
er.... sort of
I'm going through a winter lapse on the bicycling. Also, neither walking nor cycling do arse for upper body. Drink does better for some people than others, I've heard. Seems to work well on me, but my dear housemate is almost entirely abstemious.
6th Feb, 2003 01:32 (UTC)
Re: er.... sort of
Press ups. I do some of them when I remember. Actually, I've got slack again lately.
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