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hourly comics day : meet snow day

So, hourly comics day came, and so did the snow. I started off trying to go a bit more up-class than last year, with a stylish chiaroscuro image of myself being woken up with by an alarm clock, drawn in smart Sharpie shadows. But it wasn't right for the stuck-at-home, still-at-work, nothing-working, everything snowed-in nature of the day. I ended up screwing it up and chucking it away. And then retrieving it from the bin to look at it (all the while picking up my emails, running the checks on the websites, getting ready for Safer Internet Day, etc.) I went upstairs and pulled out all my half-used notepads. I found an AVG "Be Yourself" notepad I'd got free at a tech conference and a black bic biro. Ready to work the day. And what a day it was. Here, in a highlight scene, I am riding a giant grasshopper as part of a Brexit metaphor:


Read on for snowpeople, amazing cold weather fashion choices, the most amazing Eggs Benedict in Oxford right now, fancy tea, mysterious raptors, e-learning, experimental cocktails, macaroni cheese, and a child feeding a deer in a housing estate. Also, a lot of pictures of Scribble.

Notes: Scribble really does make a noise like an old modem sometimes. My alarm clock.

The dream garden grew out of a Sleepio technique called progressive visualization. In this strip you see me going repeatedly against my sleep training; sleeping in, going back to bed after I've slept in, varying my sleep routine, going to bed late, etc. The Sleepio method is pretty good though.

As a fully agile worker, my home is one of my usual places of work, so this isn't a problem. These New Puritans do a good live show.

The reasons why I call my Russian army hat a mutzi are lost in the mists of pre-internet time. Animal is a clothing brand that used to be much more interesting than it is now, and I've never been able to find a good replacement for this (now very tattered) top.

The girl we're wlking past in the first panel is wearing a rich red embroidered Russian princess coat with a bg skirt and enormous fluffy turquoise ear muffs. She looks great.

I'm about to restart the phone. This is pretty ureliable on this model, and it's important that I remember to check it successfully restarts. I'm about to forget to check it's restarted successfully till I get back after lunch.

The couple fretting about nitrates in their bacon and choosing the right tea gave us an unnerving conspiratorial look, as if they were our future or alternate selfs. Bannisters.

Snek cat (snake cat) is one of Scribble's many nick names. Others include Bibulous Scribulous, Scribbly McBibble Face, and the cat with the thistledown hair.

Brewdolph tea. Tim's mug. My mug.

Contextual safeguarding.

Watercolours: the salt trick. Our local birds of prey.

My Yoga-ing has all but ground to a halt recently, and this pattern (think about it: don't do it) is very typical. This weekend, for the first time in ages, I just skipped it - nothing lasts forever I guess.

Tarmarind, Date and Vanilla Daquiries:

Muddle tamarind with two teaspoons of raw can sugar in a splash of overproof (Rum, ideally, but overproof anything will do the trick) to break up the pulp and then top up with hot water to 1.5 measures. Allow to cool. Strain into a shaker with 0.5 Galliano, 2 Dark rum, 0.5 lime juice, ice and some shaved citrus peel. Shake and serve in Martini glasses garnished with half a date stuffed with chilli and a swirl of edible glitter.

Winterwatch 2019 - We're absolutely in love with this Pine Marten.

Those terrible owls.

Red Sparrow Trailer.

TS Eliot Karaoke here is not cats, as you might think, but the Wasteland. The background music is your own exhaustion and despair.

Sleepio suggests that rumination on uncompleted tasks about half an hour before you go to bed actually helps you sleep, as the fretting is disposed off in a non-bedroom context. My chilli seedlings are doing pretty well, especially the one I'm fussing in this page.

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