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fridge madnessMy first week as a manager has left me severely drained, and the pieces of paper on the table just sat there and were only that, pieces of paper. Even after I cleared the drawing board, threw out the dead pens, rediscovered my rotrings and the brush pen, yes, even after that. Even after I went through the collage shelves and rearranged them to take every last loose blank book, completed piece and WIP I could find, yes, even after that. I was going to take some photos instead, but even that didn't work. So I did this instead.

West Pier tourMinions, deadlines, a delayed laptop and an imminent hardware refresh have left me a bit stressy and frantic. In an attempt to defuse all this I've been working quite hard in the evenings on odd things like putting my several-years gone visit to Brighton's West Pier online. It's in the water now, so no-one's going out there any more, and anyway architects keep whinging that the old pier was tacky and ugly and what we want now is a nice modern pier, probably made of steel cables and glass. With them as the designer, naturally.

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Menthol.I taste like Menthol.

I am refreshingly different; some people don't appreciate that. My sharp honesty gets up some people's noses, while others really enjoy it. I am something of an acquired taste. What Flavour Are You?
Track 2 is still sat on the table, looking up at me with big eyes and a half-pencilled first column, and I can't help but remember that it took me around *seven weeks* to move Track 1 from rough to finished. I've used my calm-work mind up on my job this week I think -- all I've had left in the evenings is frantic-juddery mind, which barely has the concentration to rearrange fridge magnets on a cake-tin bottom. I work badly, and don't know when to stop, so it's been a week of late nights, and at the end of them sleep which is full of anxiety dreams about work, occasionally in particularly barbaric html.

So, instead of sitting and staring at all the stuff I should be working on, I'm going to go to London this Sunday and see my little sister Ellē (assuming she doesn't get the baby call and have to accompany other sister Alex to the hospital) and we'll look at Anish Kapoor and maybe also the Mayans.

Red and blue. It'll be good.


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7th Feb, 2003 03:32 (UTC)
Ooh! John and I are seeing the Mayans on Sunday, along with the rest of our Mexico trip. May bump into you.

Did you hear about the symphony that some Scandewegian guy composed, as inspired by Marsyas? 'Twas on the Today programme this morning. Very, uh, demanding.
7th Feb, 2003 04:38 (UTC)
Scandewegian? ahahahaha!
... er, no.
7th Feb, 2003 05:54 (UTC)
Re: Scandewegian? ahahahaha!
Well, he might have been Finnish. Oh, no, the Today program website says Estonian.
7th Feb, 2003 06:04 (UTC)
Track 2
You don’t have to do all 4 consecutively if you don’t want to. After all, if track2 is set in the Spring then maybe it makes sense that it be published in the spring as well?

Just a thought

7th Feb, 2003 06:23 (UTC)
...For lovely West Pier (sigh) pics...I never would have been able to cope with that see-through walkway (squeee!) even if I had managed to get there before it collapsed. That colour snap was particularly lush.
7th Feb, 2003 07:13 (UTC)
I like the fridge magnets on the cake tin bottom. I sent the url to my home comics group mailing list, because I thought my sister might like it too. I have no calm mind at all lately. I think I've been transient for too long.
7th Feb, 2003 08:36 (UTC)
it seemed like such a good idea at the time ...
But three hours later when I was hunting through the magnetic poetry for "be" and "er" to make into beer, then trying to get the masking tape to hold my amazing adjustable comics frame onto the non-stick surface of the cake tin (duh!) and *then* trying to hold the magnets steady while I settled the collages onto the glass of the scanner, as Jackie O flopped and flailed about the place, I was starting to think that drawing would have been less stressful. Learning for next time:
  • Use a bigger surface, a baking tray perhaps. Preferably *not* non-stick.
  • Try not to use so many words
  • Forget the comics frame thingy unless you can make one out of something magnetic (hmmm
6th Mar, 2003 08:52 (UTC)
Forget the comics frame thingy unless you can make one out of something magnetic

You know, you can get magnetic white boards. Would that work at all?

27th Sep, 2005 15:21 (UTC)
that was funny!
that strip was sooooooooo funny i almost fell off my chair at school!
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