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I'd normally draw a picture for the month's compilation, but I didn't this month as the image that occurred when I was listening to it was a selfie. It's a fantastically self-absorbed selection, from John Grant's me/not me of He's got his mother's hips (good video - watch the video) to the the performative angst of Kate Tempest to the adolescent poutings and writhings and screechings of Chai, the Overload, Robbie Williams..... The inclusion of a lot of the tracks (Robbie included) come down to personal history - from the lost seafront of teenaged boredom (hello Kim Wilde, Suzanne Vega) to dirty grungey parties (Transglobal Underground, Chemical Brothers) to walking in circles in muddy festivals big and small (from openers like Day of Grace and Shady Bard to headliners like Chemical Brothers and of course, Robbie). So I knocked out a five-minute spoof of a famous cover, why not:

The glasses look bigger than they are through tricks. This playlist managed to pull in everything (including some crazy obscure local bands so well done them (or possibly Youtube for their attempts to make anything you look for three times appear, like some form of data-fountaining genie) bar the play-out track where you have the rather more polished Gate Away instead of the slightly uncertain but absolutely ravishing Neighbor from Joy/Disaster. It's still a good track. Video-wise you should make time for John Grant, Chai, Circles (Kate Tempest) and probably Janelle Monae too. You might fancy revisiting the Chemical Brothers video too - I remembered it from the first time round. The rest of it can play in the background.

As ever, leave a comment if you want any details. I've had interest from a few people in the other places wanting to do comp-swapping, so we've restarted the #tenovertwelve comp-swap so anyone fancies doing their own compilation, this month's theme was "All is calm, all is bright" (as you can see, I adapted the theme a bit) and all entries welcome - post with the hashtag and tag in myself ( @cleanskies @mrsjeremyday ) or @oxfordhacker. We'll be announcing a new theme soon.


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4th Mar, 2019 10:38 (UTC)
I'll try, but my taste is shit weird!
5th Mar, 2019 09:15 (UTC)
Yeah I like your comps though they're nicely out there
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