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It's actually February's compilation, of course, as it was selected on the way into work/on various bus journeys during February. The theme (Garden Pests) was suggested by compilator in the other other place. Improbably, several of the tracks I'd selected had an insectile or greenish theme, so having started by thinking I'd need to add a few things, I ended up thinking - no, that's fine as is. Of course, YMMV. Here's the tracklist:

Protextor & Brother Bear (the openers) probably turned up in the context of CupcaKKe (she helpfully gives a pronunciation guide in the (explicit lyric) track on the comp) and make up the contemporary contribution here. Other than that there is not a lot new on this mix, as I'm still digitising the mix CDs from the compilations shelf. So this is a compilation of compilation tracks, tracks that meant enough to someone else to put them on a comp, and then enough to me to include them on this one.

Here's your Youtube Mix:

Of the videos, the Eels track has a nice we-just-sprayed-ideas-at-a-wall vibe, the Lesbo Pig track (Where it's At is subbing in for Bed Bugs, which is less appropriate for the theme but a lovely slice of history) is sweet and sparkly and Dinosaur Egg explores the extreme lo-fi zone. The Robbie Williams track has a pretty good video too, of course. It's from his purple phase, and borrows heavily from the Pet Shop Boys, including bringing in their dancers, though they don't stick around - most of the video is not so much moody as in a colossal foul mood. The other really significant substitution is for a track called "The theme from The Bean" by a band called "Lovely Andy Roberts". It was off an old comp from the right era and it sounds like the guitar might be my dear departed friend Andy Roberts, but I think the lead vocalist is not him, probably the band only briefly existed and the name was a joke (Andy was lovely of course). I couldn't find it on Youtube so I dropped in a disreputable track called Charlie by an urban country artiste of the same name. Sorry about that -- if you want to hear the original just drop me a line.


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8th Apr, 2019 14:36 (UTC)
I couldn't get into the theme, it left my mind completely blank.

I'm toying with putting together an "UpRooted" compilation, regardless.
9th Apr, 2019 19:18 (UTC)
I like UpRooted. I think that's close enough to the original theme. It's all adaptation, really.
9th Apr, 2019 19:47 (UTC)
Working on it. I have some weird shit!
6th May, 2019 17:19 (UTC)
Very much enjoying your comp. Great videos, too x
6th May, 2019 17:37 (UTC)
Um... it's a bit metal, with a few pieces for humour, but hopefully some strange stuff to please. The Heilung and Myrkur are pretty amazing, well to my ears anyway.
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