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I watched The Hours last night which struck me as a bit obviously written by one of those guys who identify with women, but other than that a really interesting watch, and one which may just have me reaching for Mrs Dalloway again. Though I didn't like it much when I read it (I was far more impressed by The Waves and the extraordinary Between the Acts) I found myself wondering if it didn't have quite an effect on my life as a party-thrower... irritatingly, I think I gave my copy to the Oxfam Bookshop ... still, we see it often enough, I can get it back. I don't think I'll be reading The Hours* though. I think I might find it annoying. Odd thing though, I was *so sure* Virginia Woolf committed suicide in Paris by drowning herself in the Seine, had the strongest convinction of this fact, even a really distinct mental image that went with it (a sort of very blue post-Chagall symbolist/surrealist illo of Woolf floating downwards into the river, rocks spilling from the pockets of her cardigan, with Paris buildings visible above) and was sure of this despite the fact that grabbing rocks next to the Seine in Paris makes about as much sense as finding random rocks on the South Bank and that when Virginia Woolf was committing suicide, Paris was being bombed. Maybe I dreamt it. Maybe I drew it. Speaking of which ...

Where is Jeremy?I didn't have time to do a strip this week because I was on a course. I told Damian this, but he forgot, and when he came in, thought, where is Jeremy? Fortunately, I left him a message.

Other than that, I've had a bit of hard night (we had to play fruit salad and draw a life-map) so I'll just sum myself up in 5 lines, draw like
a cat
, and go to bed.

P.S. There's a Huge Owl loose in Belfast. Carrying off small deer, apparently.


27th Feb, 2003 01:28 (UTC)
I seem to identify with characters of either sex, depending on all sorts of stuff. I never actually think about looking for female role models, although I do get annoyed if female characters are outstandingly wet...I once went out with a guy who was always grousing about how 'masculine' I was, and made a big thing about my identifying with Pierre in WAR AND PEACE, for God's sake, and not dopey teenage Natasha or one of the other women... I mean doesn't everyone identify with Pierre? That's the way it's writ, innit? Rather fascinating, complex topic, anyhow, but I'm not awake yet.
Love the'course' standing trio body language, btw. We used to have 'customer care' sessions with toy phones and heavily made-up, pussycat-bowed 'instructors' pretending to ring us as unpleasant members of the public...
27th Feb, 2003 02:21 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
When I was preadolescent, I wanted to be David Bowie for a while.
27th Feb, 2003 02:42 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Yeah, me too. But I *also* wanted to be Toyah, and appreciated having the choice.
27th Feb, 2003 02:55 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Ah, but David Bowie only turned into a scraggy old man, whereas Toyah turned into a tellytubbie. Mind you, I guess that makes her a lot more fun to cuddle.

What is it, though, about that thing with people fancying famous people? I certainly did the identifying thing occasionally [as I just mentioned] but I don't recall ever feeling inclined to idolise anyone like teenagers are supposed to. Perhaps I'm just narcissistic.
27th Feb, 2003 03:54 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Oh I did, for about five seconds when I was 11-ish. Sheena Easton. Wow.
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28th Feb, 2003 07:59 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Poly Styrene & John Rotten, for me. Still like Poly.
27th Feb, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
I just don't think about role models, really -- there are people whose work I admire, and people whose lives sound fun, but aspiring to live like a role model isn't really my thing ... "Who do you want to be like when you grow up?" "Er, can't I be like me?" Plus, by my age, a lot of them were dead already, and practically none of them had very nice lives.

Being able to comfortably identify with characters of either sex (and people who are different from you in other ways) is kind of crucial for reading/going to the movies etc. (esp. for someone doing an english course) though god knows I have come across a lot of people who don't and who get bored and give up when they try reading anything outside their little box, though I shouldn't complain about them though as they're the bread-and-butter of second-hand bookshops. I've never read War and Peace. The width intimidates me, and honestly (though I've read a lot of it) the internal lives of long-dead suffering men isn't eactly my thing, any more than the internal lives of long-dead simpering girlies (though I've enjoyed both on occasion). Queers, lunatics, isolationists and freaks, that's who I like to read about. People for whom "I am a man" or "I am a woman" isn't even in their top five statements about themselves. Though, of course, go back a very short way and you can just add "women" to your weird list.

The thing about the post was that it contained some extrememly good points (pigeon-holing womens' literature is a shitty thing to do, people should be free to identify with people of the opposite sex, the gender-divide is not some vast chasm we can never emotionally cross) and from them makes a bit of a logic leap to the conclusion that we don't need female role models (even though he's just run through all the women he looks up to -- his role models) using as his argument that if *he* doesn't need role models of the same sex as him, then why should women? Hm.

Hm, I'm thinking about trainers with little bows and bells round their *necks* now. Cute (in a kind of disturbing way) but not, I think what you meant. What's a pussycat-bow?
27th Feb, 2003 04:51 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
I don't suppose because someone might view someone else as a role model it means they want to be just like them, and wouldn't lots of it be subliminal? And I suppose for some people, gender might be a relevant criterion while for others it might not. It depends how effectively you've [or caregivers on your behalf]resisted rigid gender socialisation.
27th Feb, 2003 04:53 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Are the pussycat bows what I'd call air hostess scarves? And do those people also teach personal presentation and personal self management?
27th Feb, 2003 06:35 (UTC)
not my trainers (but then they don't wear pussycat bows)
They're more likely to be talking Racial Awareness, Challenging Discrimination and Tackling Drug Issues.
27th Feb, 2003 06:41 (UTC)
Re: not my trainers (but then they don't wear pussycat bows)
Oops - maybe that's me then. I do workshops. Sometimes. But I don't do bows. Well, if I did, I don't think I'd do them at the same time as the workshops. And I don't think I'd do floppy blouse bows. I might do big pink gingham hair bows. On plaits.
27th Feb, 2003 05:51 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Pussycat bows are frequently seen on Margaret Thatcher's blouses. They'te usually a kind of scarf attached to the blouse 'collar,' then tied into a lovely 'feminine' bow, so that you can flaunt your innate fluffiness, despite your power suit and war-criminality, etc.
Often, when listening to those TV/radio chats with writers about their work, I've noticed people very frequently ask stuff like 'how *do* you write from the perspective of a (opposite sex to writer...)?' It always strikes me as completely irrevalent,except in describing genital-function sensations, maybe...
I guess most people still sadly have these really rigid divisions about what's 'proper' for each sex. I was gobsmacked by this TV thing, 'Hairy Women' last night, with some silly bint who was trying to experience life without total depilitation for two months honking away about her suffering. She finally gave up after 5 weeks, because she 'didn't feel like a woman any more' with a bit of fluff in her pits! I have to do a cartoon about it, I think...God help us.
27th Feb, 2003 06:33 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Ack thpt. I think I preferred my original mental image, but thanks for clearing that up.

Complete depilation? What, legs, pits and bits? I admire her resolve, but oooh mama the stubble! Silly to say it's a "woman thing" anyway, it's not like there aren't plenty of men out there who shave ... now, if they'd dumped the bimbo who was trying to do something she didn't want to and just made a documentary called Un/shaved about people (of both sexes) who choose the smooth or hairy way it would have been a much better show (though I'm sure TV Execs, Marketeers and Advertisers would all loudly disagree) ... scan and post the strip when it's done (can you do that?)

I think the big jump when writing is the initial one, into someone else's head. Man or woman, what's the difference? It's not like another woman is *significantly* more likely to think like me than a man. In fact, if it's the sort of woman who thinks she needs to blonde, shave, cleanse, tone, moisterise and apply anti-cellulite firming gel before she "feels like a woman" I'd say she's a lot *less* likely to be thinking like me than a man (unless that man is a drag queen, of course...)
27th Feb, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
Re: Hmm...
Can you get anti-cellulite firming gel in pineapple flavour? I didn't even know you could get anti-cellulite firming gel.
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27th Feb, 2003 14:22 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
Pah, I replied verbosely to this, but it's vanished. Just wanted to say that the waxing obsessive spent about £200 a month on it, going every 2 weeks to have everything done (including eyebrow shaping, pits, legs stomach, bum, lip, chin and TOES.) She alternates between having a 'Brazillian' and a 'Hollywood'. She would never have sex if she thought she wasn't 'properly' bodily bald. (Unruly stray hairs must me hunted down and plucked at every opportunity of course...)
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