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I watched The Hours last night which struck me as a bit obviously written by one of those guys who identify with women, but other than that a really interesting watch, and one which may just have me reaching for Mrs Dalloway again. Though I didn't like it much when I read it (I was far more impressed by The Waves and the extraordinary Between the Acts) I found myself wondering if it didn't have quite an effect on my life as a party-thrower... irritatingly, I think I gave my copy to the Oxfam Bookshop ... still, we see it often enough, I can get it back. I don't think I'll be reading The Hours* though. I think I might find it annoying. Odd thing though, I was *so sure* Virginia Woolf committed suicide in Paris by drowning herself in the Seine, had the strongest convinction of this fact, even a really distinct mental image that went with it (a sort of very blue post-Chagall symbolist/surrealist illo of Woolf floating downwards into the river, rocks spilling from the pockets of her cardigan, with Paris buildings visible above) and was sure of this despite the fact that grabbing rocks next to the Seine in Paris makes about as much sense as finding random rocks on the South Bank and that when Virginia Woolf was committing suicide, Paris was being bombed. Maybe I dreamt it. Maybe I drew it. Speaking of which ...

Where is Jeremy?I didn't have time to do a strip this week because I was on a course. I told Damian this, but he forgot, and when he came in, thought, where is Jeremy? Fortunately, I left him a message.

Other than that, I've had a bit of hard night (we had to play fruit salad and draw a life-map) so I'll just sum myself up in 5 lines, draw like
a cat
, and go to bed.

P.S. There's a Huge Owl loose in Belfast. Carrying off small deer, apparently.


28th Feb, 2003 01:36 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
'Hollywood' is the paedophile special. Totally bald Barbie-pubes...It seems quite pathological, but going by the TV show, anyway, a LOT of women really go for this stuff bigtime.
28th Feb, 2003 02:06 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
You know, I don't believe all that talk of suffering. They just won't admit they're into the pain thing. There's a big pervy adrenalin thrill with the whole waxing thing. You get naked in front of a complete stranger who spreads hot wax on you and then rips it off. And you pay. And yet it's socially acceptable. And really it's polite prostitution.
28th Feb, 2003 08:15 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
Yes, is true, but subsequent to that event the massive itch of regrowth can't be fun (so much so you may have stuffed yourself with a cycle of endless waxing ... and waning *g*).

Moreover, as slick-feeling and a turn-on a totally hairless person might feel, I really don't know about the implied virginal/pre-pubescent message of completely hairless bits.

I also think hairless male genitalia to be profoundly ugly ... even M's David had some nether curls. :-) (which again presents an implicit message of *mature* masculinity).
28th Feb, 2003 02:22 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
I don't know if it's the circles I move in, but I really have met more shaved guys. Or maybe it's like piercings -- women's parts are private, men rather more inclined to flop it out at a party ...

28th Feb, 2003 08:10 (UTC)
Re: Lost Post
Flopping parties? Clearly I'm in a boring social circle. ;-)