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friday on my mind (the Bowie cover)

The fashion for wearing slogans on your arse as started by james* sometime in the nineties is kind of silly I suppose, but to the boys with "punk royale" and "" stencilled across their buttocks, thank you for making my day.

Oxford has now been identified as an area with an acute crack problem, there are 37 in the country, and though I suspect Oxford is fairly low on the list I suppose that explains why scabby dolts keep coming up to me and begging for precisely calculated amounts ... I suppose I am a good touch for a beggar provided they don't mind long odds as eight times in ten they'll get a blank or a snarl but the other two they get enough for McDonalds and the Night Shelter (or other stuff, if that's their priority).

And what the hell is happening with my updating? As far as I can see FTP is perfectly adequately connected and everything is as it should be and here I am with files failing to upload, a lot, except for the freshly-created test files, of course. What's going on? Have all my files suddenly reached their sell-by date? Or is the firewall snapping shut on anything over 4K? ... Gods, I don't know enough about all this ... UPDATE It looks like it's a network load problem breaking the connection during the upload. (The test files got through because they were so small.) Still causing the occasional problem today, but at least my work around, well, worked around. Let's hope things settle down soon.

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