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friday on my mind (the Bowie cover)

The fashion for wearing slogans on your arse as started by james* sometime in the nineties is kind of silly I suppose, but to the boys with "punk royale" and "spunky.co.uk" stencilled across their buttocks, thank you for making my day.

Oxford has now been identified as an area with an acute crack problem, there are 37 in the country, and though I suspect Oxford is fairly low on the list I suppose that explains why scabby dolts keep coming up to me and begging for precisely calculated amounts ... I suppose I am a good touch for a beggar provided they don't mind long odds as eight times in ten they'll get a blank or a snarl but the other two they get enough for McDonalds and the Night Shelter (or other stuff, if that's their priority).

And what the hell is happening with my updating? As far as I can see FTP is perfectly adequately connected and everything is as it should be and here I am with files failing to upload, a lot, except for the freshly-created test files, of course. What's going on? Have all my files suddenly reached their sell-by date? Or is the firewall snapping shut on anything over 4K? ... Gods, I don't know enough about all this ... UPDATE It looks like it's a network load problem breaking the connection during the upload. (The test files got through because they were so small.) Still causing the occasional problem today, but at least my work around, well, worked around. Let's hope things settle down soon.


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28th Feb, 2003 09:39 (UTC)
Thanks for the warning!
I can already imagine how the San Francisco crowd will take advantage of such jeans...

I guess it won't just be teeny-girls with 'porn star' stenciled across their blouses. It'll be leather-clad old men with ... nevermind.
2nd Mar, 2003 16:41 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the warning!
ah, but these slogans were on cute little teeny-boys. As are an awful lot of the porn star shirts in town, for that matter ...

come on, 'fess up. Do you miss the UK?
2nd Mar, 2003 16:48 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the warning!
You *know* I do. :-)

Observation: you know, I'm not much of a fashion hound or anything, but one can't help but notice trends and whatnot.

California, and San Francisco especially, has always had a healthy mix of fashion experimentation, often leading to trends that lead the nation. More and more though, I'm finding the real fashion leadership coming from London, and Tokyo/Hong Kong. America's main donation to global fashion, the Tommy Hilfiger/black urban chic is really showing its age. As for the experimentation, I'm seeing certain vintage resurrections that *really* should have been kept in the bin.

Incidentally, I speak of everyday street fashions, not the runway sort which the Italians and French fight over endlessly (oh, and with the odd New York or Tokyo entry to mix it up).
28th Feb, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
Jrmy, Tammy wants to know the name of the film we gave you music for (and maybe other sundry details) - since Charley moved out, everything's shifted around here & I can't find the tape currently.

It's so we can mention it on our site, incidentally. You get your very own blurb. I'll announce the site when it goes up next week, of course, and then you can have us change it if it's all horribly wrong, but if there's anything you specifically don't want to be described as, feel free to tell me now...
2nd Mar, 2003 15:19 (UTC)
... not my first choice of film titles, but it was a group effort. Speaking of which ... you shouldn't just credit the film to me, there were three other students involved. We called ourselves (I think) the generic film company, har-de-har. I'll have to look out their names for you.
2nd Mar, 2003 15:37 (UTC)
Re: Goosebumps
Don't worry, this is enough info. We've called it a collaborative project, which covers it fine. Thanks!
28th Feb, 2003 10:05 (UTC)
"spunky.co.uk" stencilled across their buttocks...

...Oxford has now been identified as an area with an acute crack problem

Sorry. This appeals to my low, crude, unsophisticated sense of humour.

But I bet if this was in a newspaper 'the News Quiz' on Radio 4 would deem it hilarious...

2nd Mar, 2003 05:58 (UTC)
I was thinking that - like you could have half your slogan disappearing because of your crack problem.
2nd Mar, 2003 16:39 (UTC)
that would be "a cute crack problem" you're thinking of
Come to think of it, Punk Royale's baggies were riding a bit low ... though spunky.co.uk was well covered up, his conservatism sechoing his rather corporate slogan

I wonder how legal it is to wander around photographing other peoples' clothes without their consent ...

I also wonder why I would think you might know ...
1st Mar, 2003 11:04 (UTC)
The fashion for wearing slogans also applies to one's top, of course, in the time-honoured manner -- I was in the Cult Clothing Bargain Basement shop today and there were many many tops proclaiming one to be a criminal.
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