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Tescos caught in marketing frenzy

share creamy nibble

(Possibly the most exciting pistachio nuts in the world ever.)


6th Mar, 2003 05:34 (UTC)
fa-la-la-la-la-laa fa-la-la-la-la-laa
So they are. Annoying how you can't see the original post when you're commenting, isn't it? Cascade of kinky adjectives, nouns and verbs, then. Or better yet, cascade of kinky words.
6th Mar, 2003 09:22 (UTC)
v. cool!
damn, those must be the tastiest, most satisfying, yummiest pistachios EVER! ;-)

Mind you, I was hugely impressed with the Iranian pistachios I could purchase in the Open Market ... *miles* tastier than the Californian variety, and are still probably the pitiful 'export quality' sort never found in the souk of Cairo, Damascus, or Tehran.

6th Mar, 2003 09:25 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
they're OK, but I've tasted better
6th Mar, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
You know, there's just something about nuts in general, and some nuts in particular, that give a particular kind of intestinal satisfaction that nothing else can match!

That kind of happy filled feeling with roasted depth.

Specifics - Cashews offer that, but because of their dustiness they come off kind of cheap and empty. The thrill ends quickly for me...especially with those sealed honey-ed varieties.

Peanuts - the dry roasted variety are somewhat like cashews in that regard, but are on a whole other order of nutty goodness in the butter form, or better still in the boiled-from-raw with salt. Mmmmm.

Pistachios - lovely delicious pleasure right on my left middle tooth (towards the back there) and mouthroof area.

Almonds - oh almonds!


6th Mar, 2003 13:25 (UTC)
Since I'm on a roll
Chestnuts ... you know, I never got into roast chestnuts, I burnt myself too much I think (those damn paper bags are useless). However, I *delight* in the chestnut spread used in crepes! mmmm hmmm!

Walnuts - I always thought they were too much work, but they are awfully nice in baked goods, and in some neat chilli-honey concotions relatives have whipped up. Sharp & sweet.

7th Mar, 2003 07:51 (UTC)
Re: Since I'm on a roll
My family does this annual chestnut gathering autumn picnic thing in April/May, which I guess I'm going to miss out on this year. I love roasted chestnuts. But I always think of the Enid Blyton story where Mr Meddle collects chestnuts and find a specially big one which, when he tried to roast it, grows little legs and creeps away.

I'm having a deja vu moment - have I typed this into livejournal some time before?
7th Mar, 2003 08:25 (UTC)
Re: Since I'm on a roll
Mmmm...sounding familiar, though I may only be mirroring the deja vu sense.
7th Mar, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
I like cashews roasted but unsalted. I like them with the traditional old euro-Chinese fried rice with cashews. I like peanuts roasted in their shells and unsalted. When I was small, my mother took me to feed squirrel with peanuts. But she went a bit funny once when I got too close to a squirrel. Lindt does a wonderful chocolate bar with pistachio cream filling. Almonds should also be chocolate coated.
7th Mar, 2003 08:28 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
Chinese cashews - nah, far too 'chop suey' ... virtually nonexistant in 'authentic' Chinese cuisine. :-)

Almonds and chocolate covering - nah, too much. Roasted almond flakes on baked goods, or simply honey-glazed almonds, or lemon-chili almonds ... mmmmm...



Incidentally, roasted mature soybeans can be quite good - especially with a wasabe or salt base.