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Tescos caught in marketing frenzy

share creamy nibble

(Possibly the most exciting pistachio nuts in the world ever.)


6th Mar, 2003 13:22 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
You know, there's just something about nuts in general, and some nuts in particular, that give a particular kind of intestinal satisfaction that nothing else can match!

That kind of happy filled feeling with roasted depth.

Specifics - Cashews offer that, but because of their dustiness they come off kind of cheap and empty. The thrill ends quickly for me...especially with those sealed honey-ed varieties.

Peanuts - the dry roasted variety are somewhat like cashews in that regard, but are on a whole other order of nutty goodness in the butter form, or better still in the boiled-from-raw with salt. Mmmmm.

Pistachios - lovely delicious pleasure right on my left middle tooth (towards the back there) and mouthroof area.

Almonds - oh almonds!


6th Mar, 2003 13:25 (UTC)
Since I'm on a roll
Chestnuts ... you know, I never got into roast chestnuts, I burnt myself too much I think (those damn paper bags are useless). However, I *delight* in the chestnut spread used in crepes! mmmm hmmm!

Walnuts - I always thought they were too much work, but they are awfully nice in baked goods, and in some neat chilli-honey concotions relatives have whipped up. Sharp & sweet.

7th Mar, 2003 07:51 (UTC)
Re: Since I'm on a roll
My family does this annual chestnut gathering autumn picnic thing in April/May, which I guess I'm going to miss out on this year. I love roasted chestnuts. But I always think of the Enid Blyton story where Mr Meddle collects chestnuts and find a specially big one which, when he tried to roast it, grows little legs and creeps away.

I'm having a deja vu moment - have I typed this into livejournal some time before?
7th Mar, 2003 08:25 (UTC)
Re: Since I'm on a roll
Mmmm...sounding familiar, though I may only be mirroring the deja vu sense.
7th Mar, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
I like cashews roasted but unsalted. I like them with the traditional old euro-Chinese fried rice with cashews. I like peanuts roasted in their shells and unsalted. When I was small, my mother took me to feed squirrel with peanuts. But she went a bit funny once when I got too close to a squirrel. Lindt does a wonderful chocolate bar with pistachio cream filling. Almonds should also be chocolate coated.
7th Mar, 2003 08:28 (UTC)
Re: v. cool!
Chinese cashews - nah, far too 'chop suey' ... virtually nonexistant in 'authentic' Chinese cuisine. :-)

Almonds and chocolate covering - nah, too much. Roasted almond flakes on baked goods, or simply honey-glazed almonds, or lemon-chili almonds ... mmmmm...



Incidentally, roasted mature soybeans can be quite good - especially with a wasabe or salt base.