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night in (I need a new brush)

Visit to HesselandThis week's strip, my most pretentious so far. Does it make it any better to say it was practically beamed into my migraine-addled head while I tottered feebly round the Tate with my lovely little sister? No, you're right, that makes it worse. It took me a couple weeks to bring myself to finish it, I felt vaguely ashamed of it, somehow. I was going to do something about men peeing in the street. Or was it giant snakes in bed? Lucky you, getting an inpenetrable anthropological ramble about a dead artist instead. Don't worry, I didn't actually touch the art, nor did I encourage small children to sleep in it. Much. Anyway, the really fragile stuff was under glass.

In other artistic news, I was contacted by a guy from comixpedia investigating online journal comic artists. I suppose Pete's handy stripblogger label has competition. Given that I use Livejournal, you think I'd be happy enough to call it a journal, but, hm. Stripblogger sound neat. And the 5 line self potrait site just updated --- I'm in Gallery 20, right next to a Russian artist who looks suspiciously like me. Bet we use the same graphics tablet ....

incidentally, anyone interested in Frank's questions can

1) Why did you start writing a journal comic?

2) Why a journal comic instead of any other genre?

3) Do you try to follow a set format or formula?

4) Do you find you self-edit yourself a lot, or do you really let your life spill onto paper raw?

5) Have you ever made up any of your journal entries (i.e., major embellishment or complete fabrication)?

6) Do you feel you have to have a "punchline" for each installment, humourous or no?

7) Do you feel you have to update on any set schedule? If so, why? If not, why not?

8) What kind of feedback do you typically get from your readers?

9) Do you have any set goal or objective with your journal comic?

10) Do you think that journal comics are marketable? Why or why not?

11) Do you feel a sense of exhibitionism when revealing your daily experiences, and/or a sense of voyeurism when reading someone else's journal comic?

12) What do you most like when reading other people's journal comics? What are your favorite moments or
types of strips?

13) What is your own favorite personal "journal comic entry"?

14) any other things you'd like to say about the genre, or about any fellow journal comic artists?


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