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mystery revealed

A scout through the referrer logs on alleged gave a quick answer to why people are suddenly taking an interest in stripblogging. Mr Loveable Elf himself James Kochalka of Monkey vs. Robot fame! announced the [fanfare] Diary Comics Movement on the Comics Journal messageboard in this post. TWS was on his list of all the diary-type comics he had been able to track down online, just between the abstract world of Lost for life and Life with Leslie, a strip so honest I got scared and stopped reading, even though it was funny, cool, well-drawn ... like most of them, he's a lot more autobiographical than me (I get clocked for the fridge-magnet story in a "diaries not necessarily autobiographical" comment away down the page -- there's also someone talking about some some strip blogs being "repetive and cloying " which Mr Paranoia is convinced is about me). There's also a very nice one from Kenn Minter, a guy with a nice loose style who looks a bit like Matt B. (physically, that it, not art style). See if you can spot his colonoscopy!

On the one hand I'm thinking wow! James Kochalka (gasp!) has seen at least one or two of my strips. On the other hand, I think I'll run away and hide under my bed, now, until it quietens down some. No, wait, I got a futon to stop me doing that. Darn. This would have to happen when I've been stuck posting filler/experiments for a few weeks ...


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13th Mar, 2003 07:25 (UTC)
Thanks For Links...
Kenn Minter and LIFE WITH LESLIE are particularly cool. I never tire of autobio comics personally; don't care how old hat they are, so there.
13th Mar, 2003 16:29 (UTC)
Re: Thanks For Links...
How's the hairy women strip coming along, BTW?
14th Mar, 2003 00:20 (UTC)
Re: Thanks For Links...
Finished it; four dithery pages in the end. Will try posting it later, but I don't think it's gonna work. I never seem to able able to accomplish this basic task, despite my courses, etc...moan-
24th Mar, 2003 20:41 (UTC)
Can't find the thread
I know TCJ have a habbit of deleting stuff left right and centre, but I can't get that link to work, not find it on the site. Any clues? Sounds very interesting...
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