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the walk home/auntie jeremy yet again

Walking home this evening just after sundown humming Belle and Sebastien because I couldn't get my minidisc loaded fast enough I nearly walked into two boys wearing t-shirts, one pink, one blue (just like the sky) and in my shock at their bare arms didn't notice until they were well past me that they were holding hands. They had matching artful scruff haircuts (one brunette, one blonde) and navy blue bags of books from Blackwells.

Going past Corpus Christi, the moon peered out from around a ridiculous tower, huge and pale and ghostly-white. The cobbles were seamed with shiny foil confetti.

Walking over Magdalen Bridge, the last pink had drained from the sky, leaving it bloodless white, a tree of white blossom, two white cranes guarding the horizon, and over it all the flat white disk of the moon.

At the bottom of Cowley Road, the sky had darkened to luminous blue. Someone had trailed long garlands of plastic pink flowers out of an upstairs window and I remembered an old green record shop that had been there years ago.

As I turned into Randolph Street, the sky was deep deep blue and the moon was shiny white over the half-built mosque. In the still evening, the birds were singing so loud they mixed with the music, and though Damian was right behind me I never heard a thing.

mysterious mondayMy nephew has a name now! In this week's strip, I receive a txt alerting me to the arrival of little Tobi Miro Pitt (though he wasn't named for another good week). I saw this frog but I'm not sure ... he has so many aunties, won't he have enough toys already?

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