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familiar artist in unfamiliar context

One of the nice things about my job is that I keep turning up work by illustrators and comics artists in the strangest contexts. Illya explaining the problems of STDs, Woodrow Phoenix guiding you through self-examination for testicular cancer ... today it was the turn of Sina Shamsavari! whose ultra-glam pictures are all over Girls Finding Out, a CDRom resource for lesbian, bisexual and questioning young women. The picture which illustrates "being confused" and "lots of young women have these feelings" is my favourite -- a bescarfed, streak-haired Alanis Morissette type slumped weeping on her bed by a discarded guitar, accompainied by a comforting blue cat and a mournful moomin. Sheer lesbian glamour.


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27th Mar, 2003 05:33 (UTC)
27th Mar, 2003 05:41 (UTC)
...uhm, no, it dates from 2000-2001
And most of the organisations involved don't even have websites (common enough in small health organisations) -- so there's practically no mention of it on the web at all. Sina doesn't have a website, as far as I know.

Though you can find the health promotion work of Ilya and Woodrow on their company website http://www.comiccompany.co.uk/
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