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waiting for the man

The best thing about your heating going bust in december is how apologetic the letting agents are. No, I tell a lie. The best thing is how sympathetic your workmates are. No, bollocks it is. The best thing is absolutely having to take a day of work to wait for the plumber. He didn't turn up till after 4pm! An entire day off work! That's value, that is. And he knew exactly what was wrong within minutes and though my stupid little kit house (unsurprisingly) has exotic parts he'll have to order, he botched up a temporary job so right now I'm toasty-warm.

Not to mention the fact that I did two-three more pages for 2001 (my current book project), shampooed my wigs *and* cleaned under the fridge (scary, scary, scary).

I can also report that Tesco's finest coffee and walnut muffins are a bit sticky for my taste.

Tenchi in Tokyo finally ground to a halt today. Tokyo got the crystal world treatment, all the girls got back together again, and love saved the day (awwwww). I'd watch it again, but it's scattered across about 6 VHS tapes. It's cataloguing time (groan).


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6th Dec, 2001 07:01 (UTC)
When it's catalogued, can I come round and watch? One day I will have NTL of my very own.
6th Dec, 2001 15:48 (UTC)
everyone loves Tenchi
Well, all girls do anyway. For this Mark Boyes and Damian also count as girls because they like romantic stuff too. When I have it all and am clear where it is, I'll have another animation night, like for Samurai Jack and the Sci Fi stuff but for Tenchi and Demons. We'll only be able to watch a third of it or so in a night though, but it will be up for borrowation ;)
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