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routes to happinessLessons I learned while researching this weeks strip:
  • It is very hard to discreetly photograph other peoples' spectacular hair ornaments, but shoes and rucksacks present less of a challenge
  • Monsoon's clothes are cut for someone so differently shaped from me they might as well be another species
  • There's a cashier works for Sainbury's on Magdalen Street has a really nice smile
Uh oops. I suddenly noticed that I wrote "sequins" under a picture of me looking at the confetti in Paperchase. Ho hum, it's very flash confetti, practically sequins really. On the sequin/confetti divide.


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2nd Apr, 2003 15:33 (UTC)
I like the 'spot' colour use. I'm starting to appreciate these things.

Meanwhile, there's a new security guard at work who smiles, genuinely, at people as they go home. Most of them are so grumpy and soulless (well, who wouldn't be, sitting in a 4' booth in the back end of W12?) it's quite - um - unnerving. It won't last.

[ps - please will livejournal stop telling me that 'colour' is a spelling mistake? please?]
2nd Apr, 2003 15:46 (UTC)
you use the spelliong tool?
I never do.

Thankyou :)

Unnerved by smiling security guards? Eh, you're a Londoner. I worry when they stop smiling.
3rd Apr, 2003 00:17 (UTC)
Re: you use the spelliong tool?
I think, actually, I may have finally told it that I like to use the UK 'variant' of english.

All I need to do is tell it which bloody time zone I'm in...


OK - it still throws it out. Bah.

I live in a world where even the cleaners demand to see my ID card. I refuse, naturally.
2nd Apr, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
"Utterly delightful!"

--Mars Tokyo--The Martian Planet
3rd Apr, 2003 08:38 (UTC)
very much
2nd Apr, 2003 22:02 (UTC)
unexpected places
We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

- Wilde (probably misquoted)

3rd Apr, 2003 01:42 (UTC)
Re: unexpected places
Hey there,
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user="uitlander">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Hey there, <lj-user="uitlander">! ... it's a small livejournal after all :)
3rd Apr, 2003 01:55 (UTC)
Re: unexpected places
There are only 200 people in the known world.
Everything else is fantasy.

Good to know you are still one of the 200.
3rd Apr, 2003 00:05 (UTC)
I wish my hair was pink like that.
3rd Apr, 2003 01:51 (UTC)
recipe for pink hair
That's stargazer shocking pink, that is. Pink hair is one of the easier colours, good, persistent, bright ... you can usually get the mad colours from hippy/stoner shops, and buy the bleach from Boots -- Jerome Russell highlighting stuff is strong enough, but most bleaches won't be. Bleach first (white as you can) then colour later (give the bleach time to clear).

Hmmm, I just realised I don't have the faintest idea what your hair is like. Certian sorts of hair will have a much harder time getting to pink. What is your hair like?
3rd Apr, 2003 02:06 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
I know how to get hair (in fact I was a hairdresser in a previous life) but unfortunately it wouldn't go too well with my job.
3rd Apr, 2003 02:07 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
3rd Apr, 2003 02:53 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
that's a real shame ... (about the job, not about having been a hairdresser!)

Couldn't you start with just a streak and slowly expand it? Or claim you did it for a charity event and will dye it out as soon as you have a moment? ... though if your job is actually public-facing that might be a bit bad. I've successfully had blue hair while working for a bank, but it does take some dtermination and work which may be energy better directed elsewhere ;D

Incidentally, I once got management-sanctioned dalmation-spotted hair! through getting people to sponsor me (for red nose day) and pay money for what colour my hair should be. I came ][ this close to having the Oxfam logo dyed into my hair. And this was the old logo, not the nice new one! Ack thpt.
3rd Apr, 2003 03:21 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
I just discussed it with my workmate. He agreed it would be too mean for me to ask my linemanager about this as he'd be horribly embarrassed and probably wouldn't know what to say. Also my workmate thinks if I had pink hair I'd look like one of the muppets. Although some muppets look nice, so I don't see what the problem is.

Mine is long and straight and dark.
3rd Apr, 2003 04:40 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
Hmmmm, I don't think I've ever *asked* a manager about it, as such. But it is easier (though rather more muppet-like) when you have a fuzz-cut like mine (very short and naturally a pale-ish brown colour) as if anything fetches up going wrong it's small bother to chop it off and start again -- long hair's a heck of a committment. If you've put that much effort into growing it, you might not want to something as harsh and destructive as stripping it with bleach and then dying it with cheap, uneven colours.

... no matter how pretty ...
3rd Apr, 2003 04:47 (UTC)
Re: recipe for pink hair
There was no effort involved. I didn't have to do a thing. Honest. I sat there and it just grew. It's all about slackness and apathy.

There was a chick at the supermarket and she had these beautiful long pink nylon bits added in. Maybe I'll get some of those. One day.
3rd Apr, 2003 00:28 (UTC)
Monsoon clothes are specifically cut for me as far as I can tell. Which is rather nice as they're often rather lovely. Strappy dresses here I come...
3rd Apr, 2003 01:52 (UTC)
clearly a different species from me!
I knew it! ... see you friday ;)
3rd Apr, 2003 04:25 (UTC)
I love this strip -- the simple contentments of life. Not that we all can easily form good colour contrasts in the way you're set up for, but still. Today I am wearing a green cardie and purple top at least, and often I wear red shoes. It's a start.
3rd Apr, 2003 04:50 (UTC)
Ha! I am wearing a green top and a purple cardy. And my red cords. So I'm just like you except back to front.
3rd Apr, 2003 04:56 (UTC)
lemon and ginger tea
That lemon and ginger tea is quite something eh? Dunno if our brand is the same as yours -- we get Twining's -- but it's pungent all right. Beats all the other teas into a cocked hat.
3rd Apr, 2003 05:12 (UTC)
Re: PS
Twinings lemon & ginger is great when you have a cold. The ginger is very gingery. In some brands you can barely notice the gingeriness.
3rd Apr, 2003 06:25 (UTC)
happiness, indeed
I so enjoy reading your strips and journal. Yay!
3rd Apr, 2003 08:39 (UTC)
Re: happiness, indeed
thank you *blush*
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