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in praise of pingo cam

Last weekend I briefly thought I had left pingo cam on the bus. Thankfully he had just been hidden by my room, which is feeling spiteful because I haven't tidied it properly in a while, and he later turned up under a coat. I have too many coats, but I still need another one. Not this one.

the sky in the window of The Ballroom

You can also see the sun shining through apple juice.


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7th Apr, 2003 16:42 (UTC)
what a cool find in a thrift shop! do you have any pics of the pingo cam? (mirrored of course)?
8th Apr, 2003 02:26 (UTC)
nothing closer than that one online, I'm afraid
I keep meaning to get a cameras gallery section up on my website, but you know how it goes ... never any time.
8th Apr, 2003 02:35 (UTC)
actually, I tell a lie
Matt photographed it, of course

here's the direct url (or it'll take you forever to find it) http://www.glasseye.f9.co.uk/snapshot/bristol/image/jeremy.jpg
8th Apr, 2003 04:16 (UTC)
Re: actually, I tell a lie
It's almost as good as having a Penguin on the Telly!!! :-)
8th Apr, 2003 01:18 (UTC)
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