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I now know which Koi Carp I am. Mmmm. Hungry now.

Which Koi Variety Are You?
You'll probably love fallenlights.net.
Which Koi Variety Are You?

Last night I had a pint of beer that tasted of soapy lychees. Anyone drinking in the Royal Oak in Oxford, avoid the Red, er somethingorever beer. It's horrible. I'm tired, which might be the beer or that my head's trying to give me a migraine again. I'm resisting so far ...

In other news, all those police on mountainbikes in our area seem to be having fun. Last Saturday they arrested a speeding drunk driver!


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9th Apr, 2003 04:31 (UTC)
9th Apr, 2003 08:14 (UTC)
But actually, that wasn't the story I was linking to at all. the story I was linking to had pictures, quotes and the full story. And is now apparently no longer on the site.

I should have copied it while I had the chance ...
9th Apr, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
Re: cheers
The links on that site are pants. They don't seem to give you a permalink to the main stories, just a link to the main stories page which constantly changes; and their list of links down the side is inaccurate (I clicked on the link that should have taken me to the bike page, as it was labelled as such, but it took me to Granny winning the lottery or some such instead... I had to use the drop-down list instead. Bah. Puny mortal fools.
9th Apr, 2003 05:19 (UTC)
just this second noticed you're from oxford.

(always been an anchor person myself, although it's a bit further north.)
9th Apr, 2003 08:16 (UTC)
had assumed that was why you'd friended me
wasn't it?
9th Apr, 2003 06:10 (UTC)
I also got that fish. But how can you tell that's not the only fish? Maybe they're all the same. And I got this muppet:

Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?

9th Apr, 2003 06:20 (UTC)
Hum, I'm banned from the Royal Oak.
A small incident involving climbing over their back wall after becoming trapped in the 'beer garden', and collapsing their monumental woodpile in the process.
9th Apr, 2003 08:18 (UTC)
it's OK
It's been through two sets of management since then, at least. It's now striving personfully to be an upmarket gastropub (it's not even got sticky tables any more)
9th Apr, 2003 07:02 (UTC)

Which Koi Variety Are You?
You'll probably love fallenlights.net.
Which Koi Variety Are You?

I got the same thing!! ooooh mysteriously beautiful !!!! ;-)
9th Apr, 2003 07:07 (UTC)
See! I bet there's only one bloody fish! It's all a trick!
9th Apr, 2003 07:18 (UTC)
Probably!-- or else we're all dark and disturbed-- which is possible
9th Apr, 2003 08:03 (UTC)
It must be a Koi ploy! ;-)
Yes, I am being Koi, since well, I got the same bleeding result. ;-)


9th Apr, 2003 08:19 (UTC)
*sigh* such a disappointment
and there I was thinking I had discovered a real glimpse into the inner life of koi
9th Apr, 2003 11:06 (UTC)
Re: *sigh* such a disappointment
No need for the disappointment. There is more than one result. I got Kohaku.

Which Koi Variety Are You?
You'll probably love eneri.net.
Which Koi Variety Are You?

9th Apr, 2003 14:19 (UTC)
Me Too!
Another Asagi reporting...
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