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Thank you Damian for pointing out that there may be confusion about the title of this week's strip. Hopefully this post will clear that up. Reading Ripley on the TubeI'd also like to say at this point that I really don't want to kill Polly Chetwynd-Stapleton, I have nothing against her, she was a very nice girl, and I'm sure has grown up into a fine person. I did try a dozen different made-up names before concluding regretfully that hers was by far the best in the context of this strip. Sorry Polly. Please don't come out of Friends Reuinited and hunt me down for that, ok?

Having now been turned down for the Brookes job I was applying for (though not before it scared the bejesus out of my poor current boss) I finally felt confident enough to post a strip containing envy, naked greed, murderous impulses and a laissez-fair attitude that was possibly even more damaging to my employment prospects than any of those. Oh, it's also a midweek story, hence the space on the platform.

I was worrying about how the strip jumped around in time, placing me almost at random on the platform, in the train, when Damian pointed out that the sequence was consistent with a tube journey with one change. But it was direct, I said, Notting Hill to Blackfriars on the Circle Line. You shouldn't get hung up on literal biography, he said, remember it's not really what the strips are about, it's just your secret source, except what I heard was "secret sauce".

Literal biography is my secret sauce.


11th Apr, 2003 00:59 (UTC)
MMMmmm, Consumer Goods...
Naked greed & murderous impulses, Yeh! I have long since decided I just might be able to kill *certain* people to gain access to riches, but could never kill an animal or dress 'appropriately' as a regular thing, for ANY money.
11th Apr, 2003 07:48 (UTC)
Re: MMMmmm, Consumer Goods...
I've dressed "appropriately" (skirt, blouse) for some jobs -- even bought a pin-stripe wraparound skirt to work reception at a (god! depressing) insurance sales place. But not for anything where I was required to put in anything more than minimum conscious effort. When the rent's due, I don't really care -- the warm-body job with the best pay/effort ratio will do, and hang what I'm called or wear or have to do.

But, if they want me to actually bother to be there (in anything other than the physical sense) ...

But god, the things some lady executive types wear! I walked past one in the street this morning with a tight thigh skirt slashed to french knicker height, a figure-hugging cropped blouse which left a vast expense of tanning salon visible, spike heels and a bum-freezer pin-strip jacket ... god knows how early she'd got up to do her make-up ...
12th Apr, 2003 06:04 (UTC)
Re: MMMmmm, Consumer Goods...
Actually I was walking in to work one morning last week, and there was this chick walking ahead of me with a wheelie suitcase, and knee high black boots with pointy heels, and a tight short little pinstriped skirt which was very buttock enhancing, and a black leather suit jachet. And the black suitcase. And while strangely provocative, I was most fascinated by the fact that this didn't seems to fit with 'universities' in my mind.