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Oxfam camera sale rocks!

Another 49p camera (with a flash foot!), a very 80s automatic curvy thing with a digital display and half a film already shot off in it, a Halina 6-4 (that's a slightly flasher 120 camera than my Holga) with un-matching (but operational) flash, a Brownie Cresta 3 (also 120 roll film, it's bleeding huge, I may not keep it unless it turnes out special), an wonderfully boxy Afgamatic 50 (126), also with half a film inside (gone to the shop now, back next week). Narrowly avoided doubling my spend by buying a compact Olympus with a ring flash, but it was rather beyond my £5 rule.

There was some nice stuff, too, which I avoided. Bah! Forgot to ask about half-frames. Hey ho, they're getting in more tomorrow.

Damian looked a little alarmed, I supposed that now I should really go home and winnow.


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14th Apr, 2003 08:58 (UTC)
No! No winnowing! I demand to have my photo taken with all your cameras!
16th Apr, 2003 03:39 (UTC)
Wait till you see the Halina, it's pure perfect I'm-a-REAL-camera! pose.

But some are too rubbish for your lovely face, and some require film that genuinely is no longer available. I think it's time they went.
15th Apr, 2003 13:10 (UTC)
So - have I missed the fun? Is there one in London too, or was this a one-one Oxford thing?
16th Apr, 2003 02:38 (UTC)
hum, well the best of them had gone by the time I went back the following day
But they still have heaps of Brownies (etc.), the odd roll-film thingy (including one like your pop-out one, you know, the wedding camera? -- but it wasn't in very good condition, I don't think it had been used in a long time) and many other intriguing bits and bobs. Rowland (another camera guy, but with a very different focus) tells me the decent cameras were at good prices too. At our point of intersection, both Rowland and I went back for the little Olympus with the ring flash, but it had (of course) gone already, tsk.

There *is* probably an Oxfam shop in London which specialises in old cameras/has camera sales -- the way it works is that donations are taken from all over and then concentrated in shops where they know it'll sell. I'll ask at Broad Street (Oxford) -- certainly the specialist book shops all know about each other, so there's a good chance the camera shops will, too.
16th Apr, 2003 03:19 (UTC)
Re: hum, well the best of them had gone by the time I went back the following day
Please do. There's a chance that it's jut an Oxford thing, Oxfam being and Oxford thing originally - but...
16th Apr, 2003 02:47 (UTC)
almost forgot!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for those prints of me and Grant Morrison. Even though I look pretty nasty in it, I think I like the one of me shaking his hand best. We all look *so* pleased with ourselves (which I was). Do you mind if I post it in my journal?

(at some point)

(in the future)

(when I have five free minutes to talk to the scanner)
16th Apr, 2003 03:13 (UTC)
Re: almost forgot!
Of course...

BTW, you've been plugged (by myself) in a protected post by jinxremoving as possibly being up for some drawings for a website she's doing. I'm sure she'll be in touch with more info (as lj posts relevant to what she does are all friends-only) - but we think you'll like it. If you want something doing, ask a busy person...
17th Apr, 2003 12:11 (UTC)
me green
with eeeeeennnnnnvvvvvvyyyyyy. Can you get me some nice cameras?
17th Apr, 2003 12:14 (UTC)
Re: me green
by the way -I groc (http://www.groc.org.uk/blog/), posted that last comment... I hit post a bit too quick.
17th Apr, 2003 16:34 (UTC)
Re: me green
you've really got to learn to sign your messages, luv. Or get a bleeding Livejournal already.

Oh bloody hell. I just watched Buffy and now I'm talking Spike...

sorry ma, it's just the bleach talking ...
26th Apr, 2003 07:56 (UTC)
Re: me green
I know sign my messages... and dontcha have to be especially invited to get a journal (hint hint?) or else pony-up and as I'm already paying for groc.org.uk...

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