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Oxfam camera sale rocks!

Another 49p camera (with a flash foot!), a very 80s automatic curvy thing with a digital display and half a film already shot off in it, a Halina 6-4 (that's a slightly flasher 120 camera than my Holga) with un-matching (but operational) flash, a Brownie Cresta 3 (also 120 roll film, it's bleeding huge, I may not keep it unless it turnes out special), an wonderfully boxy Afgamatic 50 (126), also with half a film inside (gone to the shop now, back next week). Narrowly avoided doubling my spend by buying a compact Olympus with a ring flash, but it was rather beyond my £5 rule.

There was some nice stuff, too, which I avoided. Bah! Forgot to ask about half-frames. Hey ho, they're getting in more tomorrow.

Damian looked a little alarmed, I supposed that now I should really go home and winnow.

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