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drawing pornography on public transport

I really should have thought on Monday, I don't have time to do a strip this week unless I do it tonight. Oh wait, no; Monday I was down the Kasbar with workmates eating tasty Rilettes. Tuesday, I watched Intacto then went down the pub. Wednesday ...

Well, you get the idea. Fortunately last Friday I had spent the train journey to Bristol calming my jittery nerves by drawing dirty pictures on the blank pages on the back of misprinted comics. attitudes/faithfulThis not only calmed me down, but also got me a set of facing triple seats all to myself. Even the lady sat behind me got up and moved to another part of the train! Civilized. I also managed to calm down, mostly. I gave away my favourites, but Damian liked two of the also-rans so they're up as a special, extra-wide weekly strip.

Rollerball, felt tips, and a photo touch-up pen, if anyone's interested.


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17th Apr, 2003 03:53 (UTC)
I really like the combination of that translucent greyness wioth the blueness. It's very luxuriant. Are felts that translucent? I haven't tried drawing with felts for years.

I've been playing with the iBook strange annoying mouse thing, and making some rude pictures inspired by the spirit of Naked magazine, but in a cheesy 70s vein, anecdotal, grungy guy, bad mirrored glasses, driving a truck with lots of exaggeration. It's meant to be funny, but maybe that many cliches is more just a clichefest than anything funny.

My colleague put me on to the online AA route planner, so I now have a printout of a sensible route, and if I can't follow it at least I have something I can wave pitifully at service station attendants as I bleat pathetically and meekly at them.
17th Apr, 2003 04:00 (UTC)
the bright blue is the photo touch-up pen
Which is extrememly translucent. Felt-tips vary a lot, but greys tend to be nice no matter what. I have a lot of felt tips. One might even go so far as to say I have a felt tip thing.

Those route planner thingies are pretty good, my sister and I navigated to darkest Kent on one. The RAC have one, too http://rp.rac.co.uk/routeplanner if you want a second opinion.

If it turns out too cheesy for you, you can always submit it to Naked magazine -- they seem very keen on cheese ;)
17th Apr, 2003 04:06 (UTC)
Re: the bright blue is the photo touch-up pen
Actually, what am I thinking of! I use greytone pens lots. I just don't think of them as felt tips I guess, but of course they are. just they look lots more grown up and come from special stands as individual items rather than those things that come in sets in a big pack [the bigger the better - I'm sure someone once found a key indicator of popularity for primary school children is how many felt tips they own]. Obviously I'm going quite mad.

Thanks for the new route planner site - I'll see how they compare.

And I'll certainly think about submitting if it turns out to be any good, but I'm quite liking using colour, so not sure how it will translate to mono.
17th Apr, 2003 04:54 (UTC)
I got a chuckle out of you drawing dirty pictures on the train. One of my guilty pleasures as a kid knowing how to draw well, was being able to draw dirty pictures when no one was looking! heee heee-- if i'd only shown my classmates I'd have been the most popular kid in school but I preferred to keep them all to myself.

It would be an amazing book if someone could collect the dirty drawings drawn in secret by young teenagers. But how could anyone ever do that?
17th Apr, 2003 05:00 (UTC)
I bet teenie-agers could be persuaded to swap their dirty pictures for a packet of cigs. But that would be somewhat unethical. I guess kids who draw might sell out for a box of charcoal instead or something.
17th Apr, 2003 12:34 (UTC)
Economics of art?
Also, might it not be less expensive to procure the necessary materials and draw dirty pictures oneself? Cigs aren't the cheap are they?


17th Apr, 2003 05:11 (UTC)
that does sound like a good book idea, actually
There's an imprint of small art books that does that sort of thing in the UK ... did you save any of the ones you did? I think I still have a few. Snark.
17th Apr, 2003 06:33 (UTC)
Re: that does sound like a good book idea, actually
God no. I think I tore them up almost as soon as I drew them. I just liked drawing them, and I was terrified of someone FINDING them. :-)
17th Apr, 2003 16:39 (UTC)
Re: that does sound like a good book idea, actually
there's a really funny comic strip by Howard Cruse about how he came up with the idea of drawing dirty pictures as a teenager but became progressively less able to complete a drawing, and eventually began to find just getting art equipment out was enough to set him off, and then just pencils ...
17th Apr, 2003 08:38 (UTC)
Nice pics
I like the dreamy quality to them ... and very half-blue too. ;-)

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