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drawing pornography on public transport

I really should have thought on Monday, I don't have time to do a strip this week unless I do it tonight. Oh wait, no; Monday I was down the Kasbar with workmates eating tasty Rilettes. Tuesday, I watched Intacto then went down the pub. Wednesday ...

Well, you get the idea. Fortunately last Friday I had spent the train journey to Bristol calming my jittery nerves by drawing dirty pictures on the blank pages on the back of misprinted comics. attitudes/faithfulThis not only calmed me down, but also got me a set of facing triple seats all to myself. Even the lady sat behind me got up and moved to another part of the train! Civilized. I also managed to calm down, mostly. I gave away my favourites, but Damian liked two of the also-rans so they're up as a special, extra-wide weekly strip.

Rollerball, felt tips, and a photo touch-up pen, if anyone's interested.

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