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so, returned from Easter(con)

Where, among other things, I attended a Livejournal mixer event. Never very good at these things (always too painfully self-aware) but interested to meet some virtual/mutual friends in real life. I also bought a great many books (including some more nice J G Ballard paperbacks but no Tim Powers; the reactions from the dealers (when asked) ranged from an instant negative to blank look to yes, but back at the shop. Oh well. Once again, looking for all the wrong things in all the wrong places.

Glad, however, that pretty much all the people I chivvied/bugged/persuaded into going seemed to really like it. Even when I dragged them into dramatic reconstructions of key moments from Blake's 7.


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22nd Apr, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
Ah yes. You were very high on the list of People I Wish I'd Been Able To Sit Down And Have A Proper Conversation With. Oh well, sorry. perhaps I'll have to come back to B-APA.
22nd Apr, 2003 09:30 (UTC)
... ah-ha-ha-ha
Somehow LJ seems to fill the space BAPA used to er, fail to. Likewise. But you know I'm always a quivering mass of wibble at these place. Later, Dr Tone!
22nd Apr, 2003 08:12 (UTC)
Yes, well at least I got to wibble at you and pluck up the courage to Friend you!
22nd Apr, 2003 09:31 (UTC)
it was very nice to see you in person!
and I shall be friending you back, you bet :D
22nd Apr, 2003 09:20 (UTC)
I hate reactions from *people in the know* --ergo *clueless*--negative, blank look, even yes--if I don't respect the person, I don't really give a shit what their reaction is.... Which is why I've hopelessly failed at promoting myself. I've never had one of them take more than 5 minutes tops to look at my work before they'd categorized it and dismissed it as something other than what it was.
The highest compliment I got was that my work was reminiscent of *Beckmann*--and yet still, she saw no reason to review the show and give it some ink. Sometimes I'm just hopelessly misanthropic, cynical, and bitter. I wish I weren't. Wish I'd see more room for hope.
22nd Apr, 2003 09:36 (UTC)
mm, yeah
you just can't help feeling bad -- I even did when I handed someone a comic (*not even by me*) and she flipped through it briefly with mouth-corners down before passing it back, "not my sort of thing" -- why did it sound like the disapproval of doom? Why did I even care?
22nd Apr, 2003 09:38 (UTC)
Re: mm, yeah
Because you're a thinking, feeling, human being and she's a thoughtless rude android.
22nd Apr, 2003 10:00 (UTC)
Re: mm, yeah
We all have those days, and I at any rate can't always come up with a suitably non-off-putting way of saying 'sorry, I appreciate that you (or someone) has invested time and effort into this, but you know, it's not my sort of thing'. So I shorten it.

(I don't think that was me in the story, because I'm likely to have a more favourable reaction to comics -- but try, say, certain kinds of poetry, or jazz, or I dunno knitting perhaps, and that might be me.)

How else might I say the same thing in a different way? (Serious question.)
23rd Apr, 2003 02:41 (UTC)
nah, she was OK -- and posessed of a truly astounding wig !
I was just being stupidly fragile because I was nervous -- and, at that moment in time I was invadng her 3 sq ft of subculture, which is anxiety-provoking for both parties.

She did look a bit like an android, but in a good way :) Though in the end I fetched up playing the android ... probably in a bad way.
22nd Apr, 2003 09:31 (UTC)
And a pleasure it was to make your acquaintance, too.
22nd Apr, 2003 09:33 (UTC)
tinyjo said, "oh yes, him, he's lovely"
22nd Apr, 2003 09:41 (UTC)
Re: likewise!
[bashful] Tell her, thanks, I'm flattered.

If I'd had half a brain, I'd have remembered to give some of the Oxford people a few extra fanzines, to pass on to mutual friends, including Jo. But I'm absent-minded as hell at the best of times, and the con atmosphere doesn't exactly increase my abilities in that department :)
23rd Apr, 2003 02:44 (UTC)
ah, that's OK
I passed them round at our pub night. Which was both good, and bad ...

(you know, your zine looks pretty good with a neat hole burned into the spine where I put it too close to a candle)
23rd Apr, 2003 12:49 (UTC)
Re: ah, that's OK
hehe :)

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