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and meanwhile, back in the real world...I've been trying to avoid doing this for weeks, but I have eventually captitulated and written this week's strip about (in fact, sourced from) Livejournal. Certain people (crazycrone, mzdt, andlosers, coalescent and badasstronaut) may be interested to know that their names are not pixellated in the original artwork; obviously, I've only met some of you, so I apologise for the inevitable inaccuracies, especially in my depiction of those of you I've known for years. The strip could easily have been vastly longer; among others (and almost inevitably) dickon_edwards avoiding random ejaculations fetched up on the cutting room floor.

In addition to all of you, I should really also thank BBC Online, home to such important revelations as you can never get into the mind of a giraffe. Here's to the real world.


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23rd Apr, 2003 19:23 (UTC)
dickon_edwards... fetched up on the cutting room floor.

Just like in the Fosca song!
24th Apr, 2003 08:14 (UTC)
you are inspirational. But then, you knew that.
23rd Apr, 2003 21:52 (UTC)
Ooh! My linguistic ignorance in graphic glory!
24th Apr, 2003 08:15 (UTC)
oh bloody hell
I never checked that I used the right (wrong) spelling of complementary. Oh, wait, I did. Phew.
24th Apr, 2003 01:11 (UTC)
Oh Joy!
You forgot about 6 of my JabbaHutt jowls; thank you so much!
Weird synchronicity, I'm actually just about to go to the shops for a spot of voucher fraud!
Really neat strip BTW...Stuff like finding a sparrow sitting on your Hula Hoops, really should get more coverage in the media world.
24th Apr, 2003 01:37 (UTC)
Re: Oh Joy!
Stuff like finding a sparrow sitting on your Hula Hoops, really should get more coverage in the media world.

It was pretty neat. :)

(Alternatively: I made it into the weekly strip! Fame at last!)
24th Apr, 2003 08:49 (UTC)
Re: Oh Joy!
Oi! don't make me jealous! ;-)

26th Apr, 2003 02:39 (UTC)
Re: Oh Joy!
But sweetie, you've been in a weekly strip already. Christmas is all about cruelty, bottom middle panel, saying EEEK!

See, it is worth visiting me. Thank you for showing me Spirited Away by the way. Good film, good, good film!
26th Apr, 2003 07:33 (UTC)
Re: Oh Joy!
Ohhh...I thought the back of the head in the last panel was mine. ;-)

Sure, anytime, I'll be sure to bring more bleeding edge anime next time I roll through.


On that note: try to find 'Azumanga Daioh' if you can, it is incorrigibly cute and fun ... think PP Girls, more anime-styled, no superpowers or 50s cartoon kitsch ... but all trying to grow up in school together.

There was one brilliant scene with one girl, purported to be a bit thick-headed, sitting at her desk, with her eyes rolling and moving around. Turns out, she was trying to follow those swimmy things in her vision. ;-)

24th Apr, 2003 01:59 (UTC)
Re: Oh Joy!
Well, from my point of view, she's definitely a kinder drawer than I am. Very comforting.
24th Apr, 2003 08:16 (UTC)
I see beautiful people
beats the hell out of dead people.

Did you like the clothes? They look better in the original; more pattern.
24th Apr, 2003 08:31 (UTC)
Re: I see beautiful people
Yeah! I have a couple of very similar outfits, actually! (Well, I would, wouldn't I?) You gave me lil' petite feet, too. Chuckle...
BTW, I have this kaftan with orange koi carp all over it, that a stunned friend once solemnly described as 'fightening'...I was well chuffed! :oD
24th Apr, 2003 08:42 (UTC)
Re: I see beautiful people
Oops, I meant 'frightening' of course, but actually that's not bad:
"Attack of the Koi-Kaftanned Fat Woman! Fight or Die!"
24th Apr, 2003 02:04 (UTC)
I like giraffes. At Orana Park you can climb up some steps onto a wooden platform and they give you sticks with leaves on and you can feed the giraffes. They have the most amazing tongues which I find very impressive indeed. Also, their eyeballs must be massive. Sometimes I look at giraffes and wonder what an eyeball removed from a giraffe would look like. And then I feel disturbed about the thought and tell myself to not be so sick.
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