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I'm sorry, your writing got caught in my pen

and meanwhile, back in the real world...I've been trying to avoid doing this for weeks, but I have eventually captitulated and written this week's strip about (in fact, sourced from) Livejournal. Certain people (crazycrone, mzdt, andlosers, coalescent and badasstronaut) may be interested to know that their names are not pixellated in the original artwork; obviously, I've only met some of you, so I apologise for the inevitable inaccuracies, especially in my depiction of those of you I've known for years. The strip could easily have been vastly longer; among others (and almost inevitably) dickon_edwards avoiding random ejaculations fetched up on the cutting room floor.

In addition to all of you, I should really also thank BBC Online, home to such important revelations as you can never get into the mind of a giraffe. Here's to the real world.
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