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Fuming, fuming. Today I was hoping to have the first of my 126 shots (square format 35) back to post here, all the more anticipacious because it had an old film already half shot off when I bought the second-hand camera, but Jessops had failed to print it for reasons no-one could adequately explain. I have this horrible feeling that this is because the mechanic has not communicated the state of the machine properly to admin (who insist that this service is available until May 5) and that in 7 working days I will return and find that the film has bounced again. Congrats to Jessops, incidentally, for stopping their service just as I got a nice 126 camera and a steady supply of film. None of the postal services do 126 (not even the one which has shops which do) so it's time to go find that friendly local developer I can bully into printing weird stuff who has a flexible approach to film formats. On my way out of google, I stopped off briefly on the wikipedia to contribute to the (already not bad) sum of human knowledge about 126 film. I introduced Josh (my placement) to Wikis this week. Almost inevitably, the Wiki in question now has JoshIsGod as an entry.

But, on the bright side, the BBC have upgraded European Eagle Owls again. They're now capable of attacking cats, small dogs and possibly a small child. Oooh, scary.


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26th Apr, 2003 15:35 (UTC)
Is it worth asking 7dayshop.com for developing advice? They do actually have a processing offshoot - don't remember them doing 126, but t's worth a good email or letter. Also try writing to Amateur Photographer; they may be able to help, or potential processors may respond in the subsequent weeks. I subscribe, so would be able to report back responses...

Or, of course - develop it yourself. BW would be straightforward enough, I did try C41 colour once but it does require careful time & temperature control. I tried it once and slightly overcooked the film - but I suspect the effects of mis-processing may well add to the 'toycamera' fun...

Hmm - how wide is 126 film? If it's the same width as 35mm should be OK, I think it is more or less, but...
27th Apr, 2003 16:59 (UTC)
I suppose I should really have posted that in toy camera
But I couldn't think of any sufficiently effective way to say "I live in the UK"

7Dayshop's processing offshoot isn't at the top of my hopefuls list, but I may get back to them. There's a shop in London I'm pretty sure will do it for me (and I'm in and out of London enough for dropping off and picking up not to be such a bother) and Process22 will print me up any damn thing for £15 (which is always nice to know), but I was a touch peed off to discover that it's not on any of the old mail order services.

But I'm hoping I'll be able to bully a local shop into doing it, because they damn well *ought* to be able to develop them. Might look a bit odd, though, the specific problem being with 126 that while it's 35 wide (and therefore will go in the machines) the shots are square and rather close together so there are issues with chopping the negatives and getting the shots in the right place to print. But surely nothing a pair of human eyes and hands couldn't take care of! ... ooo snappy snaps are going to love me.

Or I could develop it myself, of course. We've *had* that talk about my table, haven't we? And you can't get 126 B/W film (it's a film cartridge, like 110).
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