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hundredth strip today

May Day celebrations: tidying my room, trying to soothe a burgled friend, dreaming about an orange cat, getting a few hour's sleep, completing my 100th weekly strip. The subconscious strikes back</a>I actually wrote this back in December just before my migraines went really bad, but had been saving it until I was all better; but I spent Tuesday night with phantom pains in my arms and everything tasting of vinegar (a bland vegetable lasagna rendered inedible) but stuck by my decision to draw this one up this week anyway. It just felt like time.


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1st May, 2003 01:38 (UTC)
Your migraine monster looks scary.
2nd May, 2003 02:23 (UTC)
He likes to think he's scary, but he's just a muse in a frightmask, really.
1st May, 2003 01:45 (UTC)
makes everything taste of vinegar, huh? interesting.

and happy 100th strip day!
1st May, 2003 02:16 (UTC)
'Good' one...reminds me a bit of the 'shitweasel' creatures in DREAMCATCHER; only scarier!
1st May, 2003 03:26 (UTC)
Wow - so your migraines give you a sort of synaesthesia? I know it's not much comfort but that's fascinating..
2nd May, 2003 02:26 (UTC)
nu-um sometimes
... but in this case it was a bit more primitive than that -- just a funny taste I couldn't really get rid of. If the lasagna had tasted of shoes and the wine of metal that would have been more like the synaesthesia stuff (which isn't just comforting, it's actively fun) but to have everything tasting bitter and sour was just relentless and unpleasant.
1st May, 2003 04:59 (UTC)
Perfecto!! congratulations.
1st May, 2003 09:50 (UTC)
neat-o monster!
If it is a 'migraine monster' or your corporeal subconscious - that's a hell of a thing kicking it in the face! ;-)

2nd May, 2003 02:29 (UTC)
can't let your subconscious get the better of you
or it'll just keep on and on taking advantage, the nasty little worm.

Tell it who's boss, that's the ticket.
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