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I bought Avon and Vila at Eastercon

Vila and Avon take on the Boules of Doom!
And the first time I let them out into the garden, Vila tries to break into my boules.

It's Damian's birthday on Sunday, and we're having a barbecue. Anyone who knows Damian and seems to be missing an invite, drop me an email.

May is very vivid this week; sort of orangey-bluey-greeny-reddish-sky-blue-pink.

Really must remember to wear my sunglasses.


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7th May, 2003 16:44 (UTC)
dammit, i don't really know you people well enough to either wangle an invite or to gate crash, do i?
8th May, 2003 05:25 (UTC)
who are you again?
... seriously, you *really* want to travel that far? I admire your dedication to barbecue, but are you sure? (If so I'll happily extend an invite )
8th May, 2003 10:29 (UTC)
Re: who are you again?
heh. well maybe not this weekend. but it would be nice to meet y'all at some point. hmmm...
8th May, 2003 18:23 (UTC)
Re: who are you again?
Well, I sent you an invite anyway ... seemed only polite ;)
7th May, 2003 17:57 (UTC)

Well, my May is all sparkly and bright thanks to a super happy fun time packet of goodness I received from across the sea!

Thank you so very much! I owe your for all that loveliness!
8th May, 2003 05:27 (UTC)
ooh, glad it got there !
Hope you find it useful!
8th May, 2003 00:01 (UTC)
proper photoblog, eh?
interesting to see hasbeenrecorded emerging -- Avon and Vila in the forest of boules seems particularly appropriate. (First of all I tried that LJ user link with user 'lookwhatifound', which doesn't exist yet but is equally neat as a tagline -- as you have it -- or id.)

I have to go to Liverpool this weekend to give Mum her sewing machine back. But I shall try and get back in time for at least some BBQ action. (priiiisssseee myself from the arms of parents.....)
8th May, 2003 05:32 (UTC)
Re: proper photoblog, eh?
Mmmm yes, I've done that a few times already. I should probably switch it to "hasbeenrecorded/hasbeenrecorded" and be nicely consistent, like I am with cleanskies.
9th May, 2003 01:59 (UTC)
Re: proper photoblog, eh?
Actually I'll be back by around 4 pm on current predictions -- and you said it would be on till dusk, which gives plenty of time, yes? Also mzdt may turn up after 4 -- not sure of his timescale at the mo.
9th May, 2003 02:46 (UTC)
Re: proper photoblog, eh?
that'd be great ! -- I don't see anything winding down too early.
8th May, 2003 19:28 (UTC)
Really sorry we can't come (probably), but have a lovely time. xxx
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