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I bought Avon and Vila at Eastercon

Vila and Avon take on the Boules of Doom!
And the first time I let them out into the garden, Vila tries to break into my boules.

It's Damian's birthday on Sunday, and we're having a barbecue. Anyone who knows Damian and seems to be missing an invite, drop me an email.

May is very vivid this week; sort of orangey-bluey-greeny-reddish-sky-blue-pink.

Really must remember to wear my sunglasses.


7th May, 2003 16:44 (UTC)
dammit, i don't really know you people well enough to either wangle an invite or to gate crash, do i?
8th May, 2003 05:25 (UTC)
who are you again?
... seriously, you *really* want to travel that far? I admire your dedication to barbecue, but are you sure? (If so I'll happily extend an invite )
8th May, 2003 10:29 (UTC)
Re: who are you again?
heh. well maybe not this weekend. but it would be nice to meet y'all at some point. hmmm...
8th May, 2003 18:23 (UTC)
Re: who are you again?
Well, I sent you an invite anyway ... seemed only polite ;)