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up late, feeling great!

No longer feeling blah at all -- a bit tired, maybe. I'm much better now that I have far too much to do. Though last night's (Youth Centre) session was rather depressing, I am much cheered by the thought of spending the weekend hatching wild comics plots with badasstronaut, and much more reassured about Comics 2003's forthcoming Women and Comics panel now that I've figured out the perfect sequential tart to ask along.

I'm also pleased by the pudding flinging antics of the Prince of Wales.

... and players of Devil Bunny needs a Ham may be interested to discover that sous chefs really do climb buildings.

I had to get firm with the woman in the copyshop, but she finally switched to using the proper machine and made me some great sample masters (with Comics 2003 coming up it's minicomic time) from my weekly strips. The ink wash copied surprisingly well, but the full colour ones didn't fare as well. And I've lost the spot colours, of course. Can I be bothered to spot some colours by hand? I found some lovely cloud-print paper in office world to use for the cover, so they'll already look pretty special. (Rubs hands) Now I just need to select 14-16 strips from the 60-odd that haven't made it onto paper yet. Anyone got any favourites?

Hmmm, I wonder if it'll be nice weather for punting tomorrow.


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9th May, 2003 11:29 (UTC)
Hooray for hatching wild comic plots.

You know, my my entire view of monarchy has been turned upside down in this last few weeks. Maybe it does have a place after all. And maybe he's just the guy to put it in its proper place. Entertainment, pudding tossers and excellent jam. that's what monarchy should stand for.
9th May, 2003 13:01 (UTC)
I was in a particularly despondent funk today, until I read about the moment of royal pudding-flinging madness. I suddenly felt perhaps there IS some kind of hope, somewhere. Like, maybe it's a sign-
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