Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
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the post-party rummage sale

Following the barbecue last Sunday we are richer by a few things. Not just the gifts for Damian, though those are super-cool (insect-themed lego with lots of eyes! a small robot that can walk up windows! a how-to-draw-manga book with handy tips on buttock correction!), nor the things for me (flowers! soap in a kete!) but items left behind at the party.

One pair tasteful (womens?) sunglasses, gold-rimmed. As yet unclaimed.
Mark's gargoyles. Safely on the table.
Peri-peri sauce and hot green chili and coconut sauce. Will go to John across the road unless anyone claims them.
Ketchup. Jo's, I think. No point leaving it with me, it'll just go mouldy.

I also now have enough tin foil to protect the entire house from interference by alien rays.
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