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all my friends are very cool


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19th May, 2003 06:19 (UTC)
Hey, wow! When? How? What camera? What processing?
19th May, 2003 07:37 (UTC)
the big shiny mavica
Has a setting called "text" which does this. No processing involved. Pictures are taken on a forced b/w threshold with the camera guessing the exposure -- leading to some funny results like the one of Mark with just his teeth and the sparks in his eyes showing.
19th May, 2003 08:04 (UTC)
Re: the big shiny mavica
It's funny that you put these up. Last night I was playing with my Oxford photos, and I made a cool one of you where you're all black and white except your hair, which is golden.
19th May, 2003 09:53 (UTC)
Re: the big shiny mavica
Jeremy's ego is glowing :)
19th May, 2003 13:07 (UTC)
So long as you don't mind it's the one with the sandwiches...
I tried to load a couple up so I could post them, but my slow crappy connection wouldn't allow it. I'll get on to it soon. I'm rather pleased with that set of photos.
19th May, 2003 07:18 (UTC)
Ultra-cool retro high contrast photocopy punk zine or 60s op-art look. I like.


(who really must get around to making my own livejournal so I don't have to leave anonymous comments anymore, But username 'groc' has already been taken. sniff sniff)
19th May, 2003 07:41 (UTC)
Re: Woooo
grocko's still good, as is pocketgroc, plasticgroc, and fliptopgroc.

(etc. etc.)
20th May, 2003 11:27 (UTC)
Re: Woooo
And, ofcourse, grocsoup...
19th May, 2003 09:02 (UTC)
Yay! I don't recognise the one at the bottom - who's that?
19th May, 2003 09:08 (UTC)
Oh yeah - and look! New userpic!
19th May, 2003 09:33 (UTC)
way cool at that size.
19th May, 2003 09:52 (UTC)
look at the alt tags, baby!
I'm assuming you mean Rowland rather than Ruth ....
19th May, 2003 10:10 (UTC)
Re: look at the alt tags, baby!
Ah yes. I did find out when I went to look at the rest :) I even swiped a few - the one of me and 3 of my favourites that I took... I might add the one of Mark later, but I couldn't decide if it was cool or scary :)
19th May, 2003 14:01 (UTC)
Re: look at the alt tags, baby!
Rowland eh? I was thinking it might've been Mike F.

Fascinating resolution bleed.

19th May, 2003 09:10 (UTC)
Such Cool Photos...
Mine always come out crap. Great source of anoyance...
Re drunken ferret, *wasn't* that a grand story? Another excellent pic, too. (I know that feeling...) Love the one about the criminal feret in bus sandwich-snatch rampage,too-
19th May, 2003 09:57 (UTC)
Re: Such Cool Photos...
... that was the route I took to the story! Hurrah for the BBC and their "related stories" links!

Digital cameras are very useful for making your photography better ... this one's "make everyone into an awesome warholised icon of cool" setting is a fine point in case. These photos aren't really by me -- they're the result of passing the camera round the room while everyone has a go and says coo.
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