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the planes are flying too low today

Still blurry even after I got that decent night's sleep, buoying myself up for the afternoon's workshop with egg sandwiches and Irn-bru. It won't be enough, stumbling down the street through scuffling drifts of willow fluff under sky muddled grey as the ink wash I use to indicate denim. It got a work-out this week, as I inked and washed and process-whited and swore and ran out of cooperative nibs. (Turned out that though I'd bought up all the good gold nibs in the shop, I'd also managed then to put them somewhere safe. Now looking forward to finding them in six months time when I have a new favourite nib.)

Standing at the pick-up point waiting for Aimee, probably at the wrong entrance to the Park and Ride. There's a chaffinch so angry with me for standing here that I can hear it over David Bowie singing Let's spend the night together. Ten minutes. Definitely on the wrong corner. A Reliant Robin just drove by, painted a dark, lustrous and very modern blue. Still had a very old man in a flat cap driving it, though. Suppose I should call her. There's a blackbird sneaking across the tarmac -- run-hop, run-hop. Do I have to? It's nice here. Peaceful.

Later. After the workshop is over. Going home on the bus to save Aimee's tyres and temper while some dirty-blond bintette smokes some noxious herbal cigarette that smells like burning silage. Sickly hot wet weather makes everything bad smell worse. Every speed bump in the county lined up between here and Oxford. Rabbits and magpies, lime trees and peonies, all the way back through suburban sprawl. There are houses for sale here; they look big enough to drown in.

I've got ink fatigue. Inking has a sort of deadening, dulling satisfaction to it -- it feels nice like slowly cooling water. If writing is like storming through a mess of brambles, inking is like sprawling stunned in an icy ditch after.

Going to Gigs With Siouxie, Page 2And here's what I've been inking, or the next page of it, anyway. Going to gigs with Siouxie will be serialized over the next few weeks, but if you don't fancy waiting or think it would be nice to see my work unpixellated for a change, tomorrow I'm printing it and some of my favourite strips from the past year up into a comic called we are obstinate and do not go to bed when we are tired, which, as Damian commented, sounds like an Oxford band name. If you want a copy, email me.

Oh, and I won the last round of the Picky Picky Game, though not by much -- anyone who wants to join in the next round, Damian's now fixed it so that it will accept BMPs so you can contribute a panel even if all you have to make pictures with is Microsoft Paint! We're voting at the moment on whether sausages, beer or grey-faced people staring moodily at lasagne will lead to the best plot development, and any help would be much appreciated.


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21st May, 2003 19:17 (UTC)
we are obstinate
ooh i want a copy!

heh. i'll email.
25th May, 2003 15:32 (UTC)
Re: we are obstinate
going to email me an address, then?
22nd May, 2003 01:49 (UTC)
yes please - leave one with Jenni? ta...
22nd May, 2003 02:47 (UTC)
Can I presume you'll have the comic at the weekend?
22nd May, 2003 02:55 (UTC)
I was also presuming this would be the case.
22nd May, 2003 05:57 (UTC)
yo are both presming right
aplogies, typing fm an internet caf with broken keyboard bt ys shold be there
22nd May, 2003 06:04 (UTC)
Re: yo are both presming right
Do you have weird little geeky lunch breaks in strange places? Or are you currently on tour, with your backing band, being a guitar hero at cybercafes across Eastern Europe to crowds of worshipping Eastern European geek-fan-boys, waving their cans of peepsi rhythmically in time to your riffs?
22nd May, 2003 06:42 (UTC)
Re: yo are both presming right
I'm on HOLIDAY which makes printing up comics, booking hotels and dying your hair blue a lot easier.

INcidentally -- I booked Damian and I a hotel room, the other people coming to Bristol I know of who don't have somewhere to stay yet are Jenni Jo and Alex -- though last I heard Alex and Jo were also looking at getting a hotel room.

Now must get back to wowing the other geeks in the cafe.

Glad I switched terminals, this one is heeeeeps better.
22nd May, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
Re: yo are both presming right
Are you going on Friday too? What time? by train or other method?
22nd May, 2003 07:51 (UTC)
Good heavens...
Here's me thinking you people are all telepathic, like the Tomorrow People, and I'm the only one who doesn't know what's happening.
22nd May, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
Re: yoOOO are beef presmesmeriing riff
After today I'm going to be on holiday until next Wednesday. Yay! Jane might be able to take Alex and Jo if they can't find anywhere.
22nd May, 2003 06:46 (UTC)
I'd love a copy of the zine ...
Will email address (and I also love the title, sigh! Am v tired..)
25th May, 2003 15:35 (UTC)
email me that address!
22nd May, 2003 18:46 (UTC)
Me me me me me me meee!!

I think it SHOULD be an Oxford band name. I will suggest this to every Oxford musician I come across.
27th May, 2003 17:37 (UTC)
You got me with that picky picky thing, I'm quite in!

Like I needed more things to distract me from actually doing anything productive :)
29th May, 2003 02:20 (UTC)
cool and woo and hooray!
(and all that)

we aim to distract ;)
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