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paint fairies

There are paint fairies in the toilet at work. Every time I go to the loo, another bit of it's been painted (and about time too) though they still haven't done the really horrible bit above the sink. Yet I've never seen a painter ... though I would have thought that fairies could have done better than bloody magnolia and off-white! (I suppose the alternate theory is that it's human painters but they're coming across the roof and through the window ... no, let's not consider that.)


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30th May, 2003 03:21 (UTC)
I have just returned to my desk from the loo at work, and there was a girl in there having a long conversation on her mobile phone, and I imagined another mobile phone comic panel [in the vein of 'I'm on the train'] with someone saying into their phone 'I'm just wiping my arse'. Is that too rude?
30th May, 2003 03:41 (UTC)
My brother has said almost exactly that to me before*. So no, not too rude. Probly.

(But then we're crude, us lot.)

* Actually I think he was peeing.
30th May, 2003 03:46 (UTC)
Your brother told you he was wiping his arse on the phone? I don't have a brother, so I don't know how these things work. [Brothers, not phones or arses].
30th May, 2003 05:26 (UTC)
if we ever visit Andy, remind me not to touch the phone...
30th May, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
You'll need one of these...
no poo
30th May, 2003 05:39 (UTC)
I love using my mobile on the toilet
it always reminds me of Blakes 7 and how badly I wanted a communications bracelet when I was a kid.

(usually just to check my voicemail though)
30th May, 2003 05:51 (UTC)
futuristic gadgets
I wanted one of those Tomorrow People jaunting belts. In fact I still do want one.
30th May, 2003 06:28 (UTC)
Re: futuristic gadgets
teleporting is OK, but being able to be sarcastic at my sister from two fields away? Priceless.
30th May, 2003 06:32 (UTC)
Re: futuristic gadgets
Except I don't think you can use Visa for teleporting either.
30th May, 2003 07:23 (UTC)
Re: futuristic gadgets
maybe when they upgrade to smart cards?

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