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too many people from work know my mobile phone number

Well, it took a bit of effort but I finally finished my Annual Report without my brain deciding I needed to do something else urgently, right then. In the end I opted for bludgeoning it (my brain) into submission by spending all three nights of the weekend up reading when I should have been sleeping (except about three hours, to avoid insanity). I decided to re-read the sex-scenes in all the Anita Blake novels back-to-back. Not sure why, seemed like a good idea at the time. I'd lent the first one to someone but seemed to remember that there was no sex in that anyway, so no loss. Got through the first four on Friday night, Saturday morning, but after that most of the main characters are shagging somebody (Anita, usually) and the going got tougher. There ought to a word for that. Eroticisation? Porn creep? Ground to a halt early Sunday morning part way through Blue Moon (about werewolves) and Sunday night limped through its later chapters and then gave up. I couldn't face getting started on Narcissus in Chains which is pretty much just one long sex scene. But it worked! All monday my mind was shiny and manageable, and the report was finished in time, if not on time.

Don't drink and take online tests. When I took this test earlier I came out as thoroughly visual and almost frighteningly balanced. A few pints of beer and I'm over 2/3 right brain dominant and the auditory input is creeping up. Or maybe that's just Alex forcing me to talk about music in terms other than their video. Can you really trust something that calls itself a life enhancement network? At least they aren't shy about their their methods (click on "reveiew questions" at the end for more detail than you could ever need). But is it valid? Does anyone know? (Psychologists, I chose you!)

I took the test again because I was trying to buy tickets using Worldpay. The problems cleared up a treat when I switched to Mozilla :D e-commerce with blue lizards!

Ehhhh, bed-time.

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