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what are you here for?The artwork isn't the best because I was trialling a new ink but the white-out stays put and the concept bears out and yes, damn it, it is possible to get google to write your minicomics! (See this week's strip for the digest version) I take my masters to the copy shop and what luck! They can print them right away while I sit there breathing in toner and the smell of hot paper, neatly folding and tearing the sample copy to make up a sample comic so I can prove to myself the artwork fits before I get it home to the guillotine and the long-arm stapler. It does :D

The other reviewers aren't happy with me because I scored the experimental all-male Midsummer Night's Dream from acclaimed company Propeller. What a manly name! And they do all have very butch voices and are wearing tights so tight and white nobody's manhood is going to be in question tonight. It's all floaty and white and a little bit abstract, like Derek Jarman back when he didn't have much budget (yes, stop whining, I know you never had much budget), and has the same air of trembling on the edge of something decidedly homosexual happening. Everyone primps and shouts and flashes their pants as they slip in and out of tutus and workbelts and skirts and rather nice coats. What sparkly shoes they have! What twinkly toes! And then with a flip of a sheet the king and queen of the fairies are reavealed to have been on stage all along! Oberon is dressed as Richard O'Brien, Titania as Frank N Furter (one of the more covering costumes) and everyone visibly relaxes; I suppose they can stop worrying about being too suggestive, now, the cat's out of the bag! And Peaseblossom can paw Bottom's enormous dangling knitted comedy cock, and Helena can strop and camp as hard as Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot, and Puck can prance and pirouette because we're all fairies here (the nice old chap next to me snorts and his lady companion sniggers). I can't write any of this in my review.


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11th Jun, 2003 17:36 (UTC)
Absorbing meaning from this week's strip...
...damn! no need to be so dramatic, if you need us to buy more of your stuff, hawk it already! :-) (j/k, I did read the rest of your entry)


12th Jun, 2003 02:40 (UTC)
Re: Absorbing meaning from this week's strip...
!!! Just send me your address and I'll send you something -- sorry about this week's posts, I'm doing a positivity exercise. The minicomic is also BRIGHT GREEN which certainly adds something.
11th Jun, 2003 22:44 (UTC)
Actually, I like the artwork -- panels such as the 'cut nails' one and 'watching me' ones particularly stand out as sharp and defined.
12th Jun, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
I've also switched to a different nib -- fine shiny steel with a long reservoir
but not long enough, I keep losing my line centimetres before I expect to. Will you do a google minicomic?
12th Jun, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
Re: I've also switched to a different nib -- fine shiny steel with a long reservoir
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