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Life is harsh/no it's not

Nicolodeon has pulled Invader Zim and replaced it with Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. It's really bad.

Meanwhile, back at work, I get a long chat from M downstairs about how to sort out the problems in my department. She chats on about fundraising, startegies, persistent financial problems. I'm trying to think whether my re-grade included any budgeting responsibility. It certainly didn't cover any management duties, and that ought to include managing upward, surely? (My boss tells me I have nothing to worry about, should I believe her?) The intangibles of the situation are beginning to tire me out. Stretched.

And the news today is too bloody grim.

But, on the bright side:

Somebody decided to let Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom do a pirate film together. I saw the trailer last night (before Identity) and it looked great, like a Vertigo comic come to life.


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18th Jun, 2003 10:10 (UTC)
I'm definitely going to see Pirates of the Caribbean - it might be based on a useless Disney ride, but even so, I'm there for J.D. and O.B. Yep.

and by the way: What did you think of Identity ?
18th Jun, 2003 14:58 (UTC)
the Pirates trailer rocked
though poor little JD has got another of his accents on. Aw, bless. OB looks nice in brunette, too ...

Identity was ... well, I can see why all the reviews sound a little aggravated, it is practically impossible to even to drop hints about the plot without either spoiling (don't know if you've seen it) or making it sound like the stupidest film ever (which it isn't). It's nicely shot, well acted, tense one-act playish stuff. It isn't awesome but it's enough to make me happy just seeing Cusack escape from Romcom hell and get back to what he's good at.

Tell you what though, I'm never going to go mad in America. Maybe all the films I'm watching are giving me the wrong idea but the Psychiatrists seem rather gung ho ...
18th Jun, 2003 15:06 (UTC)
Re: the Pirates trailer rocked
OB would look good anyway, anyhow methinks :)

I have seen Identity, which is why I asked. Our local free weekly rag reviewed it and said that midway through it had a twist that was either "brilliant, or the biggest cop-out". I enjoyed it, although afterwards we decided to expunge some of the images it left in our minds by sneaking into X-2, which did the job admirably. I agree that its nice to see Cusack back in form; I imagine its in his contract that for every fantastic movie he gets to be involved with (i.e. High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank) he has to do some hideous schlock like Serendipity and America's Sweethearts (i won't even watch them).

Don't go mad in America. Best advice all day.
18th Jun, 2003 15:23 (UTC)
Re: the Pirates trailer rocked
Uh, yes. Gruesome sights. But a heck of a lot better than Anya's little outing (Darkness Falls?) anyway.

Not sure it was either brilliant *or* the biggest cop-out, but it was quite interesting, well done, and I didn't entirely see it coming (I liked the way you could feel smug even if you'd only guessed half of it) ...
19th Jun, 2003 02:03 (UTC)
Re: the Pirates trailer rocked
After the things I'd heard (yay for spoiler-free reviews...) I was expecting it to be considerably more gruesome than it turned out to be - 13 Ghosts type stuff. Turned out to be more of a thriller though, and rather a nifty one at that.
Just wondering how you two knew each other...
19th Jun, 2003 02:56 (UTC)
Re: the Pirates trailer rocked
Oh, that glass-walled house one? I remember that -- death by experimental architecture! Pretty! Was that gory? Hm, I suppose people did get sliced up a bit, but that just makes me think of modern art ...

Ordinary violence always gets me more -- especially if it's badly lit and happening in a recognisable setting.

We met in dropandgiveme50 I think. Did I mention my little obsessive compulsive problem?
19th Jun, 2003 03:04 (UTC)
Identity/13 Ghosts
My reaction to 13 Ghosts was about the same - nice design, fun B-movie stuff. But then I watched it again with my girlfriend and she was somewhat disturbed by it - after that I realised that actually, yes, it does have people being cut in half and bloody corpses moodily stalking the house and suchlike, now you come to mention it. But I agree about the ordinary stuff (which is why The Shining is the scariest film I've seen).

You, obsessive compulsive? Why, that's about as likely as, umm, Heather dropping in to discuss a John Cusack film!
19th Jun, 2003 08:34 (UTC)
Re: the Pirates trailer rocked
I was warned off Darkness Falls. So I heeded that.

I like that smugness you mention. Yes, I liked that movie a lot.
18th Jun, 2003 11:41 (UTC)
Several things
1) Nicolodeon? Is that their spelling or yours? Here it's 'Nick... or Nich..., I forget.'

2) Jimmy Neutron is poor, very poor.

3) I wasn't sure about PotC after seeing the trailer, but I'll check it out and let you know. I'll enter the cinema without expectations, expunging my rabid Disney-hate and see what ride I'll be greeted with. Who knows? Maybe some undead swashbuckling is just what I need. :-)

18th Jun, 2003 15:13 (UTC)
Re: Several things
it's not enough that they wreck my viewing pleasure, but now I have to learn to spell their name right?

they should cower! before the might of Zim! and put him back on! immediately!

Don't bother trying to influence me either way, honey. I'm going to see the movie. It's a girl thing. A pirate thing. A ghost thing?

Oh, that Disney hate thing of yours. You're such a purist!
18th Jun, 2003 18:31 (UTC)
Re: Several things
1. re: spelling - of course, I'm the 'grammar whore' according to that particular meme. In any event, spelling incorrectly could be an interesting countermeme...

2. re: pirate-ghost thing ... yeah, apparently the horrible pirates are some form of undead. Sorry if that spoils anything, but that's what's all-too-easily garnered from these US previews...

3. re: Disney & purity - absolutely! I'm allergic to evil global corporations with such influence on youth who pay their workers so poorly and are guarded by impregnable walls of lawyers... :-)

19th Jun, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
Re: Several things
Looking at that particular bit of misspelling, I was probably thinking arse! at the time -- a fair enough comment on Nick who seem to have the knack of pulling my favourite toons just as they're getting interesting, suffering technical failure at important plot arc moments and having stings almost as annoying as CBBC's presenters.

The undead pirates are in the trailer. Fear not, you did not spoil. It's a shame you guys don't get UK trailers though -- they even make horrors like The Avengers and Lost in Space look good, and as for the Charlie's Angels trailer ... well, it was very exciting.

Ah, but you'll never know the dirty pleasure of singing along to the upbeat disco number from Hercules ...
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