Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
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sunny street corner morning

Walking from my bike to the office this morning I saw a man on the street-corner with beautiful, expensive hair, fiddling with a pair of beautiful, expensive sunglasses. As I walked past (perhaps startled by my unfashionable red jeans) he looked up and smiled, just long enough for me to see that he'd probably been getting laid for years because (apart from the blue-blue eyes and the sunbed tan) he looked rather like David Bowie. As I passed him I noticed he was wearing coconut oil, smiled and said "coconuts" then glanced across the road to check for bicycles just as a younger guy with curly dark brown hair and a beard noticed my green hair and grinned. Pass it on.

I've been filmed for a documentary and I didn't even notice according to my friend Jason who saw me on a money programme on a major channel last weekend; apparently (during a sequence of atmosphere shots) my discontented face fills the screen while some visiting professor at St Hughes waffles on about poverty. That's me in my place.

And shhh! I know we're not supposed to reveal until next Fri but Mitzi (Flygirl) has contributed a panel to the Picky Picky Game!

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