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nice weather this weekend

back after the weekend, tipping out my Palm Pilot ...

peaceful on Oxford Street this Saturday! I suppose everyone was at home with Harry Potter. Thankyou, JK, for Selfridges almost empty and full of lovely things ... Lamps fringed with peacock feathers, books about the cultural significance of comics, monsterisms, limited edition Jamie Hewlett prints, plastic lights shaped like bowling pins that turn off when you knock them over ... almost away without spending any money (shops just museums, galleries with a different forcus) but found a proper Muji (rather than a clothes shop) and fell prey to pretty stationary. Cardboard speakers. A very small fork.

Shopping plan: Selfridges. Playlounge. Photographers Gallery. Coco de Mer. Gosh. Forbidden Planet. Big Oxford Street Virgin megastore.

I need new jeans. This pair are begining to wear through at the knee. They're also covered in grass stains, brick dust, cherry tree mould, gin, Bev's burnt hair, lots of wine, sweat, London rain, salt off the peanuts, coffee and some weird syrup made from Swedish berries (went great with gin!). Celebrated midsummer, though. Fire, wine and fun. And a miniature henge made from barbecue bricks. And lights and music. And people... (this is about a party at mzdt's, but I think his post about it is friends-only)

Does the woman playing Queen Elizabeth in the all-female Richard III look more like a man in drag than the man playing the Queen in the all-male Richard II? Or is it just the shocking transformation from woeful grey-glad Anne to happy red-garbed Elizabeth? (and the audience gasping when they kiss is not a sound you want to miss ...)

I want some magnetic paint (but will it damage memories?)

How do we know the consequences of violating the normality assumption?

experimenting with joined-up drinking


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23rd Jun, 2003 16:22 (UTC)
I can *just* imagine that kiss. :-)
So, will the old jeans be relegated to the:

1. for yardwork only (if I ever get 'round to it) pile

2. for other dirty work (but always forget where it is, so dirty up something newer/cleaner, usually leading to a permanent stain and new character history for said clothing article)

3. to donation

4. the mothy spider-webby bit of the back closet to be forgotten, gather mold, and be rediscovered as a bedraggled example of the turn-of-the-century fashions and force recollections of personal history?

5. burn it on the pyre to appease ancient Gods and assure the coming rains!

23rd Jun, 2003 16:40 (UTC)
Re: I can *just* imagine that kiss. :-)
Believe me, no-one would want them. And the gods got their worship, saturday night (in spades). They aren't fashionable, so no good for time-capsules.

I shall continue to wear them. Unless the thin patch, er, behind, is too serious.

But I still need a new pair.
23rd Jun, 2003 17:01 (UTC)
Re: I can *just* imagine that kiss. :-)
Those jeans weren't nearly as bad as the ones I split at work earlier this year, trust me. Perhaps I ought to see if any of the photos I got Jenni to take are actually publicly acceptable...
24th Jun, 2003 01:03 (UTC)
imagine this instead...
what, like this one?

24th Jun, 2003 01:40 (UTC)
Re: imagine this instead...
Ooh! Gosh!
24th Jun, 2003 02:35 (UTC)
Re: imagine this instead...
Higher, and over towards the middle. Vertical, rather than horizontal. And more of a worn-thin patch than an out-and-out tear ...
24th Jun, 2003 02:45 (UTC)
Re: imagine this instead...
Well, I guess Dickon finally gets to see it , now... ;-)
24th Jun, 2003 03:08 (UTC)
Re: imagine this instead...
Dickon was waiting to see your arse? It must be famous.
24th Jun, 2003 02:33 (UTC)
Re: I can *just* imagine that kiss. :-)
um-hum. Well, they're in the bin now.

I must say, it was very nice to meet a bunch of people whom I hadn't shocked and appalled yet, albeit briefly ...

The red stonehenge picture it absolutely wonderful

( http://www.livejournal.com/users/mzdt/83694.html ) for anyone who didn't see yet.
23rd Jun, 2003 16:45 (UTC)
I want some magnetic paint (but will it damage memories?)

experimenting with joined-up drinking

Oh this sounds so like your comics :-)
24th Jun, 2003 02:36 (UTC)
I think experimenting with joined-up drinking was supposed to be a title
or possibly a slogan for my velcro-ed t-shirt.
23rd Jun, 2003 17:04 (UTC)
this is about a party at mzdt's, but I think his post about it is friends-only

habitual. it's now open to the gaze of the world, for now, at least - and you're of course welcome to repost any of the pics; you seem to be in half of them.
24th Jun, 2003 02:49 (UTC)
...is it a mutant power?
24th Jun, 2003 04:11 (UTC)
just a big, brightly-coloured head.
23rd Jun, 2003 23:40 (UTC)
What is joined-up drinking?
24th Jun, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
ah, well ...
the boss comes to my office, nominally for a meeting, at 4-ish on a Friday. It rapidly becomes clear that the right place to have the meeting is down the pub. Four pints later, after her boyfriend's turned up, I weakly phone Damian from the pub loos to ask for a rescue. We go home where I pathetically collapse. The following morning we head into London where I alternate iced coffee and white wine to keep my head clear and my temper even. We get over to Simon's, about the first at the party, and I drink solidly (albeit not constantly) from 7 in the evening to 5 in the morning.

See? Joined-up drinking. If I'd been doing it properly I'd have headed down the pub for Sunday lunch.
24th Jun, 2003 02:48 (UTC)
Re: ah, well ...
Ah, I see. I did quite a bit of drinking over the weekend. All Gill's fault. She bought wine which we had with dinner on Wednesday night, then I had a glass of wine at the pub on Friday night in Broughton. Then we had another bottle that I happened to have lying around on Sunday night. So I did joined-up drinking too, except my loops were bigger. And Gill suddenly became a vegetarian since I last saw her. I hardly know anyone who still eats dead animals now except me. Why am I so slow to evolve? I even salivated lasciviously at some swans on the river in Salisbury.
24th Jun, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
well ...
it's like joined-up thinking, but without the thinking part
3rd Jul, 2003 16:16 (UTC)
I have some magnetic paint
...it's really smelly, and very heavy, but it works if you want a section of wall to fix magnets to. Not **terribly** magnetic but fun all the same.
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