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news from the market

Gods, it's hot in here.

Friends in Oxford, the Thursday market is getting much better than the usual old tat, bongs and coats. Today we found a brand-new record stall with a small, but exquisitely formed, selection of CDs (oxfordhacker, this means you can get your Dubstar CD back now) in addition to those big vinyl-y thingies. The nice man on the stall said he'd be back next week if he could, but it's farmer's market so he might not get the stall. Also a Fair Trade Stall with a very nice selection of food and sparkly things. Did you know Oxford is trying for Fair Trade City status? No, we didn't, either. You can read all about it on the rather delightfully named http://www.fairfox.org.uk . Apparently Cambridge is trying for it, too, and there's a bit of a race on ...

I ran out of tea and panicked and went to Marks and Spencers (assuming that they'd probably have red tea as they have pretty much everything really) and found they'd gone all luxurious with their frilly teas. Green Tea with Citrus. Peppermint and Spearmint. Green Tea and Jasmine. That's me sorted for the next 60 cups of tea. They were also selling little bottles of Limeade with Ginger. Quite a lot of ginger. Really good.

In other news, fourteen people so far today have tried to sell me viagra. How much viagra can there be in the world?

And someone said something sensible in Texas: "the state argued that the sodomy "has nothing to do with marriage or conception or parenthood and it is not on a par with these sacred choices". Nice to have some good news after all the frothing over the gay bishop (though it's probably just good because the frothing hasn't started yet).


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26th Jun, 2003 11:22 (UTC)
But doesn't *anyone* just do green tea - green tea?

Do M&S? Safeway sure don't. It's all green tea plus something else...
26th Jun, 2003 12:33 (UTC)
Re: tea
I could recommend Japanese products...but that probably won't help you. :-(

26th Jun, 2003 16:57 (UTC)
Re: tea
... huh, we have green tea in our local Tescos (but then we're so bloody bohemian round here .... )
26th Jun, 2003 16:55 (UTC)
Re: tea
Er, yes, forgot to mention. They also do pure green. I'm a bit waffy about the jasmine stuff (so fragrant!) and it was so hot today that anything Citrus looked appealing. But they've got the pure green, too. In my Marks and Spencers anyway.

I also bought jeans! From the automatic teller! Buying clothes from robots! It rocks!
27th Jun, 2003 07:36 (UTC)
Re: tea
Huh? Wha? Do they fit? Where is this jeansbot?
27th Jun, 2003 09:01 (UTC)
it doesn't care if it sells me jeans or beans
After all, it's only a robot.

You scan your barcode, swipe your card, sign a digital signature pad and you're done (it'll do notes + coins too, but I like the signature pad).

It's in our M&S foodhall, but I don't know if they have them anywhere else, we might be a flagship store or something.
27th Jun, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
Re: it doesn't care if it sells me jeans or beans
Oooh, neato. I shall have to investigate.
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