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Calcutta gay activists say "They have no right whatsoever to say that we are somewhat different!" bystanders express concern; "Authorities should immediately stop such activities, otherwise our youths will be lost in the merry-making of the gays." (The whole story.)

At least some people can debate equitably. Not so civilised in the office of a leading christian paper (where one of my co-volunteers works) where this last week (under the strain of the gay bishop row) email exchanges have become frosty, and now mostly start with, "As a committed christian married woman, I think" or "As a partner in an ongoing committed loving relationship, I believe" -- as usual I've coped with the stress by reading -- this time, Paul's letters to everybody from a dog-eared Good News bible that wasn't fit to sell.

Not much about homosexuality in them. He had more important things to worry about. Kissing and circumcision, for example ... (I might do something with the bible, I haven't decided yet) ... but one thing was clear enough, that the letters fit (Paul's perception of) Christian values to the values of the people he is preaching to. He even says so, open and honest.

In other news, I've visited that owl sanctuary! and oh please...


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30th Jun, 2003 16:27 (UTC)
Digital shoplifting - weird. "I was only doing it to feed my SiMS officer."
1st Jul, 2003 03:28 (UTC)
Japan's 'digital shoplifting' plague
Yep - I'm guilty of that only yesterday...

In my search for a new fridge/freezer, I called in at Currys on my way back from Homebase (who don't sell Torx 8 fitting screwdrivers, just in case anyone was wondering). I'm looking for an under-counter fridge that has equal amounts of fridge & freezer capacity. They could call it the bachelor model, or something.

They had one that was fridge & freezer side by side - worth photographing to remind myself, but still 90cm wide. And lots of money.

I guess I'm just eating into sales of 'fridges monthly' there.
1st Jul, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
Re: Japan's 'digital shoplifting' plague
and should I also be carefully forgetting my anecdotage and not telling people about neat things I see that I think they'd like for fear of putting TV companies and advertisers out of business?
(Deleted comment)
2nd Jul, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
oh you frenchie thing!
Dorset is not near Wales! It must have been another owl sanctuary. But yes, I think killing things like that is a habit that starts and then is hard to stop.

I am sad I missed the documentary, I wanted to see if the owl handler who looked a bit like a barn owl (very cute) was in it. But Caption things intervened.
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