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The tall quiz

Ha ha! I'm smaller than you! Yes, it's yet another pointless online quiz! With cute pictures! Aaaaah!

Invalid video URL.

Though I'm unlikely ever to be president so I suppose it doesn't really matter.


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13th Dec, 2001 19:11 (UTC)
those pictures are so cute i almost posted my results.

the ways of evil are seductive.
14th Dec, 2001 06:08 (UTC)
The size of the pictures should be (also) very tiny --- excepting only Matt Feazel, Damian is the king of stick figures!
14th Dec, 2001 05:39 (UTC)
Fantastic quiz! Does it really tot up the answers? I didn't see a Submit button, but it gave the answer I was expecting.
14th Dec, 2001 06:06 (UTC)
it does it automatically as you fill it in! Who needs submit buttons anyway?
14th Dec, 2001 09:01 (UTC)
The magic of Javascript

Since my free web space does not allow me to create any server-side programs (CGIs or ASP or whatever), the only way to make the quiz work was with Javascript in the page itself. As you press the buttons, it triggers a script that tots up your score and rejigs the Results section...


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