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miscellaneous monday

The three-page erotic comic grinds slowly to its inevitable end -- I'll put on the white and tones tonight, then mail it tomorrow (fingers crossed) (interrupted by spasm of pain from shoulder)

Thinking about looking out all those songs that have done me psychological damage and scrubbing over the lyrics so I can hum them without pain, starting with bloody Almaz by Randy Crawford. Apologies if it's anyone's favourite. Also on the hit list, Hey Jude, Killing me softly, and the horrible, horrible Don't go changing. But I have such a bad memory for music (perhaps repressing?) that the chances of tracking down most of them seem vanishingly slim. What was that endless, grinding song about an old man living in a whale corpse on the beach, which my Dad used to play to annoy my mum? And was that a Joan Baez song that had parrots shooting the sunset with sawn-off shotguns? Was it really post-apocalyptic or did it just feel that way?

The guy at snappy snaps told me to go to colorbase today. He has a point. In the end we compromised on him hacking the end of my film off with scissors. (Bad Pingo cam had chewed my film some.) In other camera news, the last week of June was especially inspirational for Matt (Brooker).

There's always someone does it better. Here's a guy who makes much more creative use of his palm pilot than I do or likely ever will ...

Four weeks of lycra, legs and lovely scenery kicking off le tour, with the traditional almost-a-British-victory and huge catastrophic crash, two separate stories for a change. Two lower rank riders have abandoned, but the two badly-injured names are still riding -- Hamilton with a fractured collarbone and Caspar with a neckbrace. Australian newcomer Nick Gate's helmet was smashed into 10 pieces! Those cyclists are crazy.


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7th Jul, 2003 11:30 (UTC)
Wow! those Palm Pilot animations are quite amazing!
8th Jul, 2003 02:36 (UTC)
LettError (As of last week...)
Those LettError guys have been doing funky stuff since 1990 at least -- I remember attending their description of their Beowulf fonts at the Type 90 convention. Beowolf is a font using a format that allows arbitrary PostScript graphics as letters, and since PostScript is a real computer language they made fonts with outlines that were slightly random, different each time you printed each letter! If you printed colour separations, each colour would be slightly differently random and you got scraps of colour spiking out of each letter. Designer and geeky, both at the same time!

Just van Rossum, one of the co-founders of LettError, is brother of Guido van Rossum, the inventor of the programming language Python. So it isn’t surprising that his type design work is livened up by some clever Python programming ... :-)
8th Jul, 2003 03:23 (UTC)
designer and geeky, both at the same time!
:D ... I thought you'd like to see what fun stuff they're up to!
8th Jul, 2003 03:00 (UTC)
do you remember that PDA art link I posted to you and Jenni a while ago? Once again, this is all worth thinking about for the Caption thing... palm comics? electronic versions of minicomics - in fact could be distributed as such as .pdb files?

I have an untoward number of old macs in my front room, and am testing/auditing/fixing so I can give you numbers & sizes asap. Of the separate monitor variety, there will be a far old range of monitors - from an old Amstrad colour 9" screen up to an Apple 17" (the latter being more or less the only one that will do more than 640x480, btw - bar a 1-bit A4 portrait monitor - 870x1024, I think?).

Also as Jenni may have mentioned there's a 5200 all-in one like yours that could be used for browsing web archives off CD, should that appeal. Also hope to set up the 575 (also with CD drive) to allow people to create material for the other macs on the day. MacComics?

[screen this comment if so desired]

Tour de France - only seems to be accesible to me at 2am on ITV. Used to be the only tv sport I ever took an interest in, especially at 6pm on Ch4...
8th Jul, 2003 03:29 (UTC)
must have lost the PDA link somewhere
... can you remember where it was? ... .pdb files I have little experience of, the doodle program I have is as intense I get, drawing on my palm. Getting one cradle set up to take pictures from the palm may be possible (mine is old enough to have a serial connector) but I'm wondering about the effort vs. reward here.

That said, we need *some* sort of picture input device as most people (for reasons I *cannot* understand) get all whiny about drawing with the mouse! We should probably talk this via voices, though. Got any good ideas when?
8th Jul, 2003 06:24 (UTC)
Re: must have lost the PDA link somewhere
was in my journal, filtered to you and jenni - pocketpig.com. Kind of a starting point rather than anything else.

Don't have an ADB drawing pad myself. But doesn't have to be an old mac, if we want to provide a pad, as long as the pics are the right size/colour depth and got on a floppy (PC format OK, at least to start with - I'll use the 575 or a laptop to prepare/transfer to other macs). but surely we want the naive charm of MacPaint art?
8th Jul, 2003 07:43 (UTC)
Re: must have lost the PDA link somewhere
naive charm works for me

and mac mouses are easier to draw with than PC mices

hmmm, quite cute site! there's a bit of a picture-a-day mime running around at the moment (though ironically mine has been on hold since mid-June)
8th Jul, 2003 03:34 (UTC)
Tour de France
Yes -- ITV1 nightly report at 2am, Sunday live in the afternoon. It's also on Eurosport, a lot (listed simply as "cycling") but really, don't -- it's some of the worst quality coverage I have ever seen.

I think they're still doing the 6pm reports but on ITV2 -- useful if you get digital, but for the rest of us, not (of course the timing is of no moment to me as I have Tivo).

Is it just me being whiny and old or is Channel 4 enormously way less cool than it used to be?

Ty Hamilton is still in the race, with a fractured collar bone!
8th Jul, 2003 08:57 (UTC)
Re: Tour de France
I don;t think I've ever watched anything on ITV2 so far, in my short life as a 'digital viewer' as we are haughtily referred to in high-up management reports. So might just be useful - thanks.
17th Jul, 2003 02:50 (UTC)
Channel 4
No, it's not you.

Most people seem to share the opinion that it has stopped being innovative and gone after market share with lowest common denominator programming.

Only ITV is worse than Channel 4.

Ironically it is Channel 5, which started off as porn 'n sport, which has matured into a much better channel than Channel 4 (and got rid of the DOGs) Still, if Murdoch buys Channel 5 then that should kill off the quality.....
17th Jul, 2003 02:46 (UTC)
Killing me softly
Hopefully the Roberta Flack original and not the dreadful and pointless Fugees cover. (Hey Hey)
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