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10th Jul, 2003

Shit. shit shit shit. Pins and needles in my right thumb. Stiffness across the knuckles. Two inches of discomfort in my forearm. SHIT!


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10th Jul, 2003 04:37 (UTC)
How is it now?

(but don't reply if you don't want to type...)


10th Jul, 2003 05:40 (UTC)
Re: How is it now?
My mouse wrist is generally stiff and sore, though the pins and needles died down over lunch time, thank christ.

However, I think it's time to do some rearranging ...
10th Jul, 2003 06:24 (UTC)
Re: How is it now?
>However, I think it's time to do some rearranging ...


You could also cry sick and skive off work (or at least off heavy mouse work at work) for a day or two to give it a bit of a rest...

Unless you're already doing that, of course:-)

10th Jul, 2003 04:48 (UTC)
the curse of carpal tunnel--- Oye Vey!
10th Jul, 2003 05:05 (UTC)
Oh, no! That sounds terrible. So sorry.
10th Jul, 2003 05:38 (UTC)
I've been here before
-- it's just early-warning signs.
10th Jul, 2003 06:41 (UTC)
Oh shit!
I'm with you here.

Get away from that mouse!
10th Jul, 2003 08:39 (UTC)
CTS Owie!
"Something wicked this way comes-" Have you tried the rolled up towel under the wrist?
10th Jul, 2003 15:04 (UTC)
I do hope you get better soon!

Do you know if someone can do an ergonomic assessment of your workspace(s)? My office had one done, got me a load of new helpful thingys...but still waiting on superior chair.
10th Jul, 2003 16:00 (UTC)
what you need is...a rollerball!
14th Jul, 2003 08:44 (UTC)
I have crappy wrists, comes from having almost every aspect of my live revolve around computers.

I had a nice massage the other day (company morale thing) and the pain left totally for a while.

Apparently wrist pain can be caused (or increased) by tense beack and shoulder muscles. Time to try shelling out for a real massage, see how that effects it.
16th Jul, 2003 16:45 (UTC)
mmmmm nice idea
now I just need to find *time* for a massage ...
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